Playing with what you own in any setting.

What to do with all your mins!

I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours, not some game systems or company’s. I have mins from GW, Heroscape, Heroclixs, Mantic, ect. I’ve played multiple systems and like them all but sometimes I want to play my own games with house rules, no sense in recreating the wheel. I’ve been playing a spaceship battle game using modified Babylon 5 ACTA, Full thrust and BFG. I divide the hull points by 2 from Full Thrust, added weapons from ACTA and BFG. The setting I’m using is Earth in the latter part of this century. America is now the Federal States of America more of the back story coming later. What do you think about using all of your miniatures? Right now for my Necromunda/Mordehim I’m really feeling the Bloodbound I like the vibe of killer cannibals living in a ruined city.

I’ve been using this America 2050 map to show future hive cities and the high speed rail routes that connect them. The smaller circles are where a hive fleet remains crashed into America. I’m using ‘nids from GW mostly guants and genestealers, with the queen being a hive queen from Aliens. I painted my nids black and highlighted them in metallic silver and gold with the spore mines silver with red highlights. Most people would say ‘hey you can’t paint nids like that!’ I bought them so I can paint them anyway I want. As a fan of Alien and Aliens I first had my guardsmen fighting them on a space hulk. As my game evolved I had them make it to Earth in the late 2019’s and crushed as a threat late 2025. The bug wars forced us to move into hive/mega cities for defense with a few hives still present. But unknown to us the bugs were carrying a parasite a race that was on the verge of being consumed by a hive fleet. The desperate race combined their DNA with the bugs every 1 in 50 bugs born is a reborn remnant of that race now know as the Plague   I’m using my Marro miniatures from Heroscape.

The Plague also damaged the DNA of new species the first sign are citizens turning into zombies. A good use for any zombie miniatures I have around. Then they become hybrids crossed with bug DNA and human a good use for my Genestealer Neophyte Squad.

As you can see the sky is open to what you want to do. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money fielding a large army squad base scrimmage games are the way to go. The big companies like GW and others might lose out on a bunch of money from you amassing one large army they gain from you buying a bunch of starter sets! Either way you go collecting large armies or small squads you are now hooked, the beast has sunk it gaming claws in you. I know from personal experience. My next project are these guys.

Midwinter and the Nazis.

So I was going to speak on the new 10th Ed. Leaks but this interested me more. Guy and Hattie spoke on the Nazis in war games and playing the baddies like games of Bolt Action. Was this clickbait on YouTube or a real issue? Is it a straw man argument? Or is it gate keeping? Personally, I think it’s wokeism. Now I’m not attacking them because I don’t know them. But come on now they play and are sponsored by World of Warships!

As a Black person I’ve played the Germans in WW2 games as well as the Rebels in ACW. Why? Wanted a challenge especially late in both wars. A game is a frigging game! Sometimes people want to play a game, escape from reality and current problems not rehash shit!

In 40k no one is the good guy, everyone is bad and that’s ok. I believe you play what you want to play. Until next time remember that they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Verrotwood this looks awesome!

Verrotwood is a miniature agnostic game in the vein like the nextflix movie the Ritual or any H.P. Lovecraft novel with horrible things lurking in the deep dark woods.

Verrotwood runs on a D10 system and looks easy to get the hang of. For example you are attacking and have a 1 In strength and your foe has a 2 In defense. Whoever rolls higher on one die wins, yes the defender rolled two dice but can only pick the highest score between the two. There’s a few videos on YouTube that show how it’s played.

Personally I don’t own many fantasy miniatures most of my collection is sci-fi. So I’m adapting guns in place of bows. The other thing I’m jazzed about is creating the gribblie thing my cult worships. The god will be the Crow part of a pantheon of local gods the Goat, the Hound and the Wrum. More on these local gods later after I flesh it out more. Thinking about doing a Nausicca and the Valley of the Wind vibe.

Well that’s all I have to say for now. You can find Verrotwood on Wargame vault dot com. It’s worth checking out for nine bucks usd. Until next time remember that their your miniatures play with them how you want to!

New 40K 10th Ed. And the Lion returns!

BOBBY G. Seeing how screwed the Imperium is.

So the news has finally dropped 10th Ed. Of 40k will be out by summer. People are losing their minds! Going back to indexs and free rules, for now. What I’m looking forward to his the game mechanics, has GW simplified the rules down to a One Page Rules format? Alternative activations? Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

New Termagant stats.

If we look at the Termagants stat the most important part to me is the weapon stats a base BS score of 4 to hit, easy enough to understand. Melee is a base 4 also, no tricks no gotchas, straight up. Can’t wait to see a preview of the rules soon.

The Lion returns!

And last the Lion returns. What will this spell for the lore? will G man rule the Imperium and the Lion be over Imperium Nihilus, like a divided Roman Empire? Can’t wait to see what develops and why has the Lion aged? Bad stasis or has he been out and about longer than we know?

Comment on your speculations and wishes for the new rules and lore. And until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

The Federal States of America.

The New Flag of the Federal States of America.

So I have been working on models for some weeks. One color scheme for my imperial guards was black and grey (Starship Troopers or German WW2.) Since the F.S.A. Is a fascist, neo-feudalism type of government I went for this.

The F.S.A. Home Guard. Providing security and protection to all Federal Citizens and Property.

The Home Guard is the Federal Army used on Earth to garrison federal holdings and fight low scale engagements against other nations, corporations and groups. Just wanted to show what I’m working on for my Five Parsecs cyberpunk fusion.

Remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

WOTC and the OGL

Has everyone lost their damn minds? Do you already own the books the dice and all the other stuff WOTC or a second party produced? We, as gamers don’t need permission to create and use a game engine. I said last year that WOTC was pulling a GW and I was right! These companies only see us as a resource.

Image owned by WB.

2023 has started out with a bang! Instead of unleashing creative of players big business has blatantly shown us they see us only as a resource. And the sad part is we already knew that! It was a game both parties played with each other, we play like we like you and you give us money to make stuff. Now they just come out and say give us your money and we’ll make what we want and take from the creators.

Now my motto has been it’s yours play with it how you want too! Don’t let anyone tell you how to play your game! It’s yours! You own the product, no one is going to come into your house and fine you on not playing it right. Me personally will always fly the flag of rebellion, I will play my game how I want to play my game. But enough of that remember folks they’re your miniatures ( and stuff!) play with them how you want too!

One Page Rules v GW

Image owned by Simply Warhammer Aug 26, 2022.

So BOLS has an article up about how OPR and third party sellers are hurting GW. I personally don’t believe that third party sellers are hurting GW anymore than GW is hurting itself! We are paying more for less and in today’s economy with the dollar being stronger thank the British pound, why are we in the U.S. getting less for more?

40K at this point is a bloated rule system and OPR Grim Dark is a more streamlined game system. I can see a 10th edition to 40k coming out really really soon. But before the release of 10th Ed. GW will drop a ton of new books that won’t be really compatible with the new rule set. We’ve seen it before and me personally will not be falling for it again!

I’m not anti-GW and pro OPR. I’m about saving money and having fun with my plastic and resin dudes! GW has changed the size on the Imperial Guards so that the 20+ year old ones look jankey next to the new sculptures. Now back in the late ‘90’s early 2000’s if the scale was off it would drive me crazy. Now with true scale Space Marines (hate the new lore!) the scale of a Marine was bigger than a normal human like the lore says they should be! Now I’ve spent the last 35+ years looking for the perfect rule set and they’re is NONE! I’ve blogged off and on again about finding and using miniatures and rules to do what you want to and still believe in it.

I’m using the Five Parsecs from Home and Chrome Hammer rules to make my own Dark Cyberpunk world. Hopefully I’ll have some videos up on YouTube soon. Until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

GW strikes with FOMO again!

Really? Really?!

So the new Kill Team Shadowvault we didn’t ask for is sold out already online. Hun? What? I mean the new Kasrkins are awesome I own the OG metal ones and this would be the only reason I would’ve thought of buying this one. Heck, I don’t even own the Gallowsdark box!

I feel this is basic Hegelian dialectic by GW: create the problem but already have the solution! Is the Shadowvault sold out because of the new way to play 40k coming out? Maybe? Most possibly. The suits at GW is treating the hobby like dlc’s on video games. Which might would’ve worked if not for the flood of plastic crack that comes out every weekend! FOMO big time for people who feel like this is Pokémon and you gotta get em all! Let me let you in on a secret, you don’t!

It’s cool but do you need it?

Now I like my plastic crack like everyone else but man! This release schedule is killing my wallet or would if I felt like I need everything that comes out. As of October 2022 I don’t have my first box Kill Team Octarius put together yet! Probably get around to it by December or January 2023. I’m looking at a mountain of gray already and don’t need to add to it.

Now before I go what do I like about the Shadowvault box? The sentry gun! Can anyone say the director’s cut of Aliens? This box would’ve been awesome if they had as the opfor the ‘nids or even the Genestealer cults or something. If you read my last post you know already one solution to this and if you’re like me you own tons of GW miniatures and can pull this off already. If you play Kill Team already you all ready have the rules and the tools to play this how you want to. Want an aliens like game use veteran guard vs Genestealers. Terminator? Guard vs Necrons.

Well enough of me blowing my mouth off. Until next time folks, remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

So is 40K pay to win?

New Leagues of Voltann

So with the new Leagues of Voltann out and the ban of them in tournaments. It has come out that GW on purpose made them O.P.! Why? Because good ole Gee Dubs wants every new codex army to shine, that’s why.

So now the salt will flow! In a real war if you fight your opponent on fair ground you are doing it wrong. War is a dirty fighters game, there’s no honor in real war. I know, I hear it already. But this is a game not real war. This I know, but there’s so many table top generals and combat veterans who pretend that they know everything about real war so they’re an expert in table top game wars!

Now the neffing the Voltann has taken doesn’t effect me one bit. I don’t play competitive, only narrative and for fun. But tournament players who have to have the new hotness. To be at the top of their game and bought into the leagues and don’t even have a full army out yet for them. Wow, that sucks that you’re nerfed already. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. What I do know is that GW has let it slipped that they do this on purpose. Getting you to invest into the new hotness then taking the power out of your army.

So, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. 9th edition is broken and before 10th comes out it is already broken, it’s designed that way from the jump to get you to buy new codexes and campaign books. It’s a never ending hamster wheel with your wallet attached. I love 40K’s setting, I buy the novels, I play the game. But now that I know how the sausage is made I can honestly say I can’t keep giving them my hard earned money. You’ve got One Page Rules, Five Parsecs from Home, Stargrave and other games to play, and that aren’t designed to screw you over by the next faq or campaign book.

But hey, it’s just my opinion. Until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want!

Is this the future of tabletop gaming?

D&D 1

I just stumbled on this yesterday about D&D and the future of the game and it’s virtual tabletop. Now it’s supposed to come out in 2024 and be the new new! I saw the digital miniatures and was like I can See GW and other companies doing this. Didn’t someone say in the future you’ll own nothing and be happy?

Steam has already a tabletop simulator as well as some others. I can see physical ownership of books and miniatures fading away to only the old guys. The kids love digital media, well not only kids. The theater of the mind is dying. People today can’t or won’t use their imaginations. The fantasy has to be graphically place before the consumer, not allowing personal adventures or fantasies but corporate controlled dreams!

I like most of you like stuff easy, but when is too easy just lazy? As I age I don’t find enjoyment in painting my minis as I did when I was younger. Contrast paints really come in hand now. I always like kit bashing miniatures so building miniatures is never a problem. But I can see the handwriting on the wall and see everything moving digital, yes everything in this hobby. Just my personal thoughts on this people, feel free to comment. And until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

The New Kill Team box and Fomo.

So like all of you I’ve seen the new KT box into the Dark and I’m not to impressed. Why? Because I’ve seen this before in Corespace. And might I say at a much cheaper price of $69.00 USD over the $200+ tba price.

Now don’t get me wrong I love plastic Terrain, and I like this too. But for less money and I own the Original Core Space. It occurred to me I’ve already got this! But I can hear you saying it’s not gothic enough I.e. the original Core Space box. Well the boys across the pond have a gothic set that I mentioned for $69.00

The Into the Dark box.
The Battlesytem Gothic Box.

The GW box besides being plastic has a card stock board. The Battlesystem has Card Stock Terrain and a neoprene 2×2 printed mat.

Into the Dark plastic Terrain.
Battle system’s Gothic card stock.

Now I own both GW and Battle Systems Terrain and love them both but with money being tight I thought I would show you options you might not know existed. I like the new Kill Teams the Imperial Armsmen and the Kroot, might even pick them up when they come out separately.

Last look at the Battle System Gothic box.

Both boxes look similar. And I’m over GW’s high prices and FOMO. Until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!