RoSD in Spaaace!

3-25-2525. 24:15

FASS (Federal American Space Ship) Controversy.

Captain Jon Byzantine Ranger rank 1.

Received orders to investigate strange occurrences on a backwater planet called Alladore from FedCom. All communications have ceased since 3-10-2525. Alladore is a jointly owned planet. The F.S.A. and the E.U. Both have multiple colonies there plus the U.N. Base on the north polar region. FedCom has also informed me that my old master Aventine was charged with the primary investigation has gone missing around a small commune. We set course immediately! The crew of my corvette comprises of Eve-6 my navigator and bodyguard. She’s the reason Aventine and I left the Order of the open hand at the end of the synth wars. More information on that can be found in our files. My Sidhe tracker Shadowfox, Trooper B. Greaves, Cadet Jenkins and my rifle drone R-28.

We find Aventine’s shuttle crashed in the center of a small commune named Sweatwater. We see no signs of Aventine or residents but we do hear strange moans and the skittering of clawed feet.

“Vermin!” Spits Shadowfox.

I quickly recall her disdain of any of the galaxy’s multiple forms of scavengers.

” Calm down Fox. Let’s keep frosty people. We need to find Aventine and the locals.”

“Captain I’ve spotted movement coming from 4 o’ clock!” Shouts trooper Greaves.

” And our 6.” Says Eve calmly.

” Got something at 8!” Jenkins shouts nervously.

” Movement at 12.” Adds Shadowfox.

” zzzt… movement vectors conformed Captain also life readings coming from section 5.3 not humanoid. Six sensor anomalies located and locked to personal scanners. Zzzt!”

” Thanks for the heads up R-28. Weapons free Team if anything looks hostile dust it!”

I see a shambling form moving around the nose cone of the crashed shuttle. A tattered civilian jumpsuit hangs off of a man like creature. It’s yellow dead eyes lock on to mine. Looking at the things green tinted skin I can tell it’s been dead for some time. I raise my Colt 99 auto pistol and its four round burst quickly cuts the thing down.

Boy this was a nail biter from the jump! My guys can’t hit the side of a moon. For the first two turns we stayed in a circle firing at the approaching zombies and space rats. The rats were no problem dispatching but the zombies were another story. One made contact with Eve and Jenkins and they started talking damage that Jon had to sort out with his sword. Greves and Shadow Fox finally took out two zombies ( 1 at 12 o’clock and the other at 4.) The cards for the first two turns didn’t help either a Red 2 and a Red three gave me 4 more zombies! Yea!! Not! I finally realized I needed to uncover some markers so I sent R-28 to check out one he discovered some drugs aka herbs. I moved Eve off to the 7 o’clock and discovered a survivor Constable Sneed. He was banged up but ready to fight. I sent Jenkins to the marker located in a nearby building at 11 o’clock. He needed a TN 8 to open the locked door, arrugh! A 1 no open door.

The zombies close at 7, 5, 4 and 12 o’clock. The zombies at 5 make contact with Eve and Sneed but no combat because it took a double move to come into contact. I was lucky that Greeves, Jon and Shadowfox were able to take out three zombies. So I sent R-28 to check out another marker. Wham! Zombie! And R-28 in a heroic round of combat becomes my first casualty. Nooo not R-28! Combat between Eve, Sneed and a zombie isn’t going well. Eve takes another hit putting her down to six, Sneed gets lucky and damages the zombie to half health. They decided to advance to the rear and closer to Jon. Jenkins try’s to open the door and rolls a damn 3! Jenkins you are the worst!

Zombies advance one makes contact with Jenkins who dispatches it easily. Jenkins your the best. Another zombie makes contact with Eve and Sneed who becomes my second and third casualties. Man this ain’t fun anymore! A Red 5 and 6 pops up another zombie and a space rat in the next two turns. This is Starting to get serious! Jenkins finally opens the door and finds the body of my former master Aventine and his sword. Yea?

Jon takes out another zombie as does Shadowfox. Greves takes out the space rat. The last zombie moves towards Jon. Oh great the Red Ace four more zombies at the starting point. Ugh! Jenkins finds treasure at his marker and Greves finds some strange tracks. Jon takes out another zombie and the new ones start to close in. Shadowfox takes one down to half health and Greves takes out one all the way. The Red 8 pops up and Jenkins has to take a TN 16 that he aces with a 20! I’ve got three zombies and one last marker in a building with a zombie in it.

Well it took me the rest of the game to take out the remaining zombies and we never discovered what was in the last building. Made some survivor rolls for Eve and R-28 both came out fine no lasting injuries is it because one is a synth and the other a robot?

I must say this game is awesome to play solo. I’m going to have to work on some house rules for sci fi. I can tell you personally the combat is brutal and companions can go down quickly! I’ve got the infected trees next. So I’ll see y’all after I get that game in. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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