RoSD in Spaaace! Bug Holes! (Infected Trees.)

3-26-2525 16:15

I had to call down my medic Jolly from the Controversy. Jolly’s quarterman a race 1/4 the size of a normal human. He might be small but he’s one hell of a medic and not to bad with his rifle.

We followed the strange tracks deeper into the badlands and quickly found the culprits BUGS! Didn’t know which strain of bugs they belonged to. The chitinous Swarm, the Skeletal Plague or the simi-human Infliltrators. But any flavor they all start out in this basic form the two or four armed Skulkers.

R-28 scanner located five cocoons and five bugs. The cocoons might contain survivors from the town. Why they took them this far into the badlands puzzles me. With my dead master’s Pis-sword in my right hand and my heavy pistol in my left it’s now time to kill bugs.

I quickly down a bug guarding a cocoon ahead of us. My fire team comprises of Eve, R-28, and Greaves. The other is lead by Shadowfox and has Jolly and Jenkins. Jolly with Med kit out approaches a cocoon and finds a dead civi, damn!

The remaining four bugs rush towards my fire team. I down one, Eve one and R-28’s machine guns pulverize the last tow bug! Whew, now we’ve got breathing room to rescue civilians and close those bug holes. Shadowfox uses her sharp Shide Bowie knife to cut the cocoon open discovering the local defense Leader Captain Charles Steel. I approach a cocoon and rip into it only to find a dead civilian a young lady killed in the prime of her life. A ray of sunshine cuts through the dust and the trees.

I approach another cocoon and finds Pvt. Zander Borger dazed but alive. No sign of bugs and Shadowfox her fire team and Cpt. Steel take out the first bug hole.

Eve-6 and Greaves take out the second bug hole and R-28 the third. R-28 strangely gets tangled in bug resin. But R-28 fires its repulsors on maximum easily frees itself. ” Zzzt… highly unpleasant….. zzzt!”

” Be careful R-28!” I shout.

” Zzzt… that’s what I was attempting to do master… zzzt!”

Eve laugh ” Looks like he told you!”

I shoot her a look and Greaves has the good sense to be looking the other way.

I personally close the last bug hole with a grenade as R-28 investigates the last cocoon find a dead civilian. We regroup in the center of the combat zone piling up the cocooned dead civilians for a funeral pyre when Jolly gets tangled in a strand of bug resin.

” A little help here would damn be appreciated!” The more Jolly struggles the more he entangles himself.

” Someone please help the good doctor, please?” I say trying to hold in a chuckle.

Jolly shoots me a wide eyed looks as Shadowfox and Jenkins untangle him. I follow his gaze and see the Alpha Skulker returning to his nests. It looks like he was stalking us because he appears on the trail we arrived on.

We all open fire on the Alpha quickly reducing it to a pile of steaming gore. I order Greaves to light the pyre. And we all say prayers for the lost souls. I lead the survivors to my shuttle and we quickly leave this benighted place but the deep dread in my heart let’s me know we’ll soon be back.

Wow, ladies and gentlemen! That was one hell of a game. I adapted rules for firearms from Joseph A. McCullough’s new game “Last Train” the one thing I think I needed to adjust was the armor of the bugs from a 8 to a 12 or 14, yeah I think for the Genestealers I’m using it will be a 14 next time. Otherwise no major gripes. My next two or so games will be a flashback with Master Aventine and his apprentice Jon Byzantine on their adventure on the evil frozen world of Kymier fresh that just re-emerged from sub space. Yes folks Frostgrave in Spaaace! I’m going to try the Star Wars adaptation and see how it works. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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