Space-Grave a Frostgrave in space campaign.


The planet Chimer lost for centuries in sub space has just returned to real space. Chimer was the seat of the heathen Viscount the necromantic lord Slador Qua. Master of the left hand path of subspace matter manipulation also known to the public as magic! A strike corvette the Imperial Warship Any way the wind blows has been dispatched from the Imperial capital Gaia Prime with two members of the right hand path aka the good space wizards Master Benjamin Aventine and his young apprentice Jon Byzantine.

” Master, why are we going to Chimer?”

” Because my young apprentice we’ve been ordered by the council to retrieve any tomes, data pads or objects strong in subspace particles. A gold rush of scavengers and dark users are rushing right now to Chimer any one of these dangerous items could spell disaster for the Imperium.”

” Because of the dark lord of Chimer uses of necromancy?”

” Yes and other fell arts. I’m sure members of the left hand path are already on Chimer. We must stop them from obtaining any of these dark objects.” Aventine says stroking his beard.

” My lord we should be surfacing from subspace in two hours.” A voice says over the intercom.

” Thank you Captain Stewart. Please have a four man marine strike team assembled and waiting for us on the shuttle.”

” As you will my lord.” The Captain responds then cuts communication.

” Well Jon. Looks like adventure waits for us.”

” You know how much I hate this kind of adventure Master.” Jon smiles sarcastically.

” Yes I do.” Aventine says as he smiles back.

Left to right Benjamin Aventine, Jon Byzantine accompanied by four Imperial Marines.

The assault shuttle sweeps over the snow capped mountains and wind swept tundra of Chimer. They quickly arrive at the Capital city of Zod’ah’thoom.

” Pilot please set us down by that mausoleum.”

” Yes sir.”

” Seems like a good place to start Master.”

” Agreed. Sargent have your men lock and loaded.”

” Already on it Master Aventine.” The marine replies.

Down blow hidden among the dark snow caped ruins enemy eyes look at the advancing shuttle.

” Damnation and hell fire! The portents showed we would have more time to recover the tomes before the lapdogs of the Imperium showed up!”

” The dark winds of subspace are fickle my lord.”

The small man looks up and smiles wickedly at the giant of a man in a dark storm coat and black mask with rebreather hoses that disappears into his chest armor.

” True Baron. The demon gods must be playing with us.”

” As they always do Master. As they always do.”

Forces of the Left hand path. Malokeith the Iscariot his apprentice Baron Baal and four members of the Eclipse mercenary company.

Aventine and his forces move cautiously through the ruins of the mausoleum.

” Master I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

” I do too. Take two men and approach the front of the mausoleum. I will take the Sargent and a man and approach the back.”

” As you wish Master.”

But before they can enter the building Malokeith springs his ambush.

” Attack!” The Iscariot screams.

Malokeith launches a bolt of dark purple lighting at Aventine who sees it coming and leaps behind a ruined wall. The Eclipse mercenaries open fire with their bull pup assault rifles spraying bullets at the marines. The advance Imperial armor shrugging off the rounds.

Aventine calls up power from subspace into his body. He extends his right hand shooting a grey cloud at Malokeith. The cloud quickly closes the distance and envelopes the evil man locking him in place. The Marines open fire with their .50 machine guns scoring no hits.

A shambling former inhabitant of Chimer slowly shuffles out of the building. A creature of the dark lords magic or a byproduct of subspace exposure is unknown. What is known is that this fell thing wants to destroy the living.

Baron Baal swiftly moves into contact with the zombie and swings at it with his blazing orange power sword. The blow misses the creature soundly. The zombie raises a decayed hand a swiftly strikes the Baron nicking his flesh.

Jon and his fire team on the other side of the mausoleum confronts a zombie approaching them. Jon a former Imperial special ops soldier pulls out his .50 machine pistol.

” Men combine your fire with mine!”

All three men open fire on the walking corpse. Yellow energy surging from its eyes. Whatever dark power animating doesn’t save it from the hail of bullets that rips it to shreds.

The zombie attacks the Baron again but the dark gods must be favoring the Baron who dodged the blow and cuts the creature down. But as quickly as he kills one another one takes it place. And from the north side of the building a new zombie emerges.

Malokeith stands paralyzed by Aventine’s attack and so do his guards. Benjamin calls up more energy and pushes Malokeith ten feet back. The evil wizard flies backwards crashing into a wall.

A archaic data pad glints in the weak sun light. The Baron orders one of his men to recover it. The Merc quickly complies with the orders not wanting to face the Barons wrath. The Baron assisted by a merc moves into cqc with the new zombie. The Baron must have found his groove as he easily dispatches the zombie.

Jon sees a data crystal in the snow on his left and worn leather book on his right. He orders his marines to recover them. Jon sees a large data crystal in the form of the black three foot obelisk in the center of the mausoleum. He concentrates and with knitted brows extends his right hand. He feels the power of subspace flow through him and connects with the obelisk. He wraps the energy around it and attempts to pull it towards him. But the power deserts him, its like moving a glass with a wet napkin. Just as he starts pulling the obelisk towards him the power snaps in two severing Jon’s connection to his power source.

“Shit! Gotta practice more.” Jon muses exhausted.

Another zombie appears from the south entrance between Aventine and Malokeith’s forces.

Malokeith draws energy into his body as he storms towards Aventine. Aventine sees the dark energy surging around Malokeith and forms a protective shield around himself. The Sargent lines up his machine gun on a merc and cuts him down. The other marine misses his merc by inches.

The Baron raging in dark revelry charges into the zombie that emerged from the south entrance and cuts it down! Spying another artifact sticking from the snow orders his other guard to retrieve it.

Jon securing the obelisk sees the Baron. He draws his power and attempts to bind the Baron. The Baron chuckles as he easily resist the assault.

” You’ll have to do better than that boy!”

From a moldering crypt emerges another zombie between Jon and the Baron it’s hateful eyes lock on the Baron.

Malokeith launches himself into the air blade surging with jet black energy. Aventine’s sword is surrounded by crystal blue energy. The two wizards trade blows faster than the eye can follow. But Malokeith that old snake is just a fraction faster than Aventine. The black blade evades Aventine’s and crashes through his shimmering shield cutting through his armor and into his shoulder.

” Arrugh!” Aventine shouts.

” Pathetic dog of the Imperium and the jaded right. Know that I the Iscariot will be the death of you!”

” Not yet old man!” Aventine yells in defiance.

The Marines and Merc’s exchange fire. The marines take no damage but the mer does.

The Baron attempts to charge Jon but is intercepted by the zombie. The zombie leaps at the Baron who attempts to swat it down and misses. The zombies enhanced claws cut into the Baron’ s armor and into what’s left of his flesh! The other zombie stalking the Baron’s man with the data slate attacks. The zombie’s claws are a furry of motion but sometimes the mer’s amour saves him. The merc pushes the creature back and flees the field. Jon draws up power and pushes the Zombie into Malokeith then moves into combat wth the Baron. He ignites his sword emerald green energy surging up the blade. Orange and green blades meet. The Baron is ten times stronger than Jon but wounded. Jon younger and undamaged manages to slip in a blow and downs the hulking Baron who falls down wound smoking in the snow.

The Marines and Merc’s exchange fire. The Sarge is clipped but he and his man brings another merc down. The zombie manages to take a bite out of Malokeith wounding him greatly.

The Iscariot and Ben trade another series of eye watering blows. But this time it is Aventine who lands a telling blown which smotes Malokeith’s armor and bites deeply into his flesh.

” It’s over old man. Surrender and I will take you back to face Imperial justice.”

” Never dog! Not as long as I have life in this wretched body!” Malokeith says through clenched teeth black blood streaming between them.

Malokeith cast leap on himself and flies off into the approaching blizzard. Aventine orders his team back to the shuttle but not before Jon shoots the last merc.

Aventine looks at his apprentice exhausted but amused. Jon smiles as he helps his master back to the shuttle.

” It seems like we’ll have other chances to finish off my old master.”

” He’ll need a new apprentice.”

” I don’t think so my young apprentice. The Baron is a hard man to kill. I know I’ve tried many times in the past.”

Jon says nothing as he helps his limping master into the shuttle and out of the freezing wind.

Wow what a game! I was attempting to use Frostgrave to tell the back story of Aventine and and Jon before they left the order and joined the Rangers. I had t story already in my head but for a moment it looked like the game was going to finish Aventine before the Shadow Deep got to him. I used Nozza’s of Nozza’s wargaming rules for Star Wars for Frostgrave as a background. Coming up next I’m going to use Joseph A. McCullough’s Operation Last Train to tell my Earth bug war story. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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