Solo adventuring!

Well ladies and gentlemen summer is almost done here in my neck of the world and school starts next week, YEAH! As life goes on and players move or move on to other things (ahem, girlfriends!) Yours truly still wants to game. Now I do play video RPGs but that’s someone else’s world, not mine! So where to start?

First let’s look at what do you want to play. Is it a dungeon crawl, a space opera, cyberpunk, a grimy crime noir or a Cathulu inspired horror? Or all the above?

Next what rule system should I use? Some variant of D&D, a percentage based game like old Warhammer 40k RPG or something else? Your rule system is just as important as what kind of game you want to play. Why? Because your going to have to adapt it for solo play. Are you playing with one or more PC’s? I suggest watching YouTube and finding Artichoke Dip, Geek Gamers and my favorite go to Dungeon Craft for information on how to do it. Now I’m sure there’s other channels out there on YouTube that comment on the hobby but these three were my first channels I found and followed.

Now you got your world, rules and setting what’s next? A notebook, some graph paper, dice or a dice emulator, some miniatures or some type of visual counters for both the PCs and bad guys. Now if you play any RPG you should own the first three items but the second. Oh boy that’s a rabbit hole you may or may not want to fall down.

The rabbit hole. I’ve been collecting miniatures since the ’80’s it was expensive then and it’s hellevua expensive now! Depending on your setting you can find prepainted mins for D&D, Star Wars, Heroclix, Horroclix, Mechwarrior and others. I’ve got all the fore mentioned lines plus 40K, Star Saga, Blackstone Fortress, Necromunda, Walking dead and Heroscape. Yeah, that’s a lot of plastic and metal dodads as my wife calls them. But I’ve got several pdfs of paper miniatures also. They range from flat, fold over and tri fold figures. What’s best? All of them! It all depends on how much space and money you have at your disposal. Actual miniatures take up space plain and simple! Paper minis can be cheaply replaced if you owned a printer and if they are not pre painted miniatures glue, assembly and painting. If you are going to take the plunge on physical miniatures I would suggest push to fit from GW or a boxed game from Mantic. Start small! Your going to want all of them and even pdfs, card stock and printer ink can run you. I’m still going to play in my Homebrewed world and just finished painting the Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter box. The Wasteland of Oklahoma outside of the OKC Hive city. Well folks until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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