Homebrewed Amalgamation!

I love Cyberpunk, I love Fallout, Kill Team, Necromunda, Rangers of Shadowdeep, Frostgrave and D&D! I also LOVE solo play and co-op games and like a lot of you I am broke!

Waiting until next year hopefully around my birthday in April Cyberpunk 2077 will be out but I want to play a miniature game in that kind of world NOW! So what do I do? Remember I’m broke. I could buy for $125.00 USD the Human Interface board game Nakamura Tower, nope still broke. Could also buy Reality’s Edge from Osprey, did, got the PDF and devoured it!

But! I’ve been playing Fallout Fantasy Wasteland and am too lazy to learn a complete new rule set. What to do, what to do? Mash things up! First of all when my Son M.J. Aka Commander Space Chicken comes down to play we don’t have a bunch of time to play. I want to get as much gaming I can with him. The combat if FFW is fine if you got an hour or two to burn, and we don’t! So first thing I did was add combat dice from Star Saga to the game. You look at the weapons card and see what the damage is that’s how many combat dice you roll plus the effect dice. Then the target rolls the blue armor dice to block not the red d12 dice that comes with the FFW game, check!

One problem I had with FFW is not weapons with a burst attack and the explosive weapons only did a few points of damage. Nope, not going to work so I double the damage out put, problems solved. Now cover is key in this type of game it reduces the damage dice by 1 for light and 2 for heavy. You can make your own cards for FFW cards and I did. For weapons that should be or have a automatic burst fire effect like the assault rifle just add a attack dice. The P.C.’s get 2 action points a turn, so the P.C. Can use said automatic assault rifle the card reads at red range close it’s a black and green effect dice ( extra damage and accurate fire) and two physics damage. My adaptation is two red combat dice to start 1 or 2 extra combat dice for a.p.’s and 1 for burst for a minimum of 4 attack dice plus the special effect dice and now combat has gotten a whole lot faster and deadlier!

I’m still working up the hacking, cybernetic and what happens when you get out into the Wasteland. And I will keep you advised on that progress. Me and C.S.C played a demo game using the awesome Cyberpunk set from Battle Systems, and I highly recommend this! I pitted one p.c. With a assault rifle against four mutants ( three Genestealer Cultist and a Genestealer brute.) using the new cover system and combat mechanics the battle was less than 15 minutes not including the banter and rule change input by M.J.

So to all y’all out there you can make your own game worlds by adapting existing works out there and with minimal effort get what you want. It’s up to you to get the results you want nothing is perfect. Trust me I’ve been gaming for 41 years and no game system is perfect, not even my cobbled up homebrewed stuff. But hey, if you’re having fun and it fits your story or gaming need. Remember folks their your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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