Core Space space combat.

First off I hate my computer. Why? Because it crashed again! I promised a friend that I would give him a copy of my Core Space space combat rules I made up. At last, ” sigh” I have to revert to my notes.

First both players or GM needs to decide how many turns it will take to reach the jump point. After that you can roll dice, use who was the first to finish the adventure or some other way I haven’t thought of.

You’ll need the measuring tool that comes with the main game because I use the same basic concept as Core Space for moving and range combat. This phase happens before the trade phase of the game.

You are either the attacker or defender. The defender moves first up to 8 inches plus 1 point if repaired propulsion. It’s not until the attacker’s ship gives chase that things pick up ( if playing with a GM he/she could throw in a GCC cutter and fighter escort, pirates, or Purge fighters.)

The attacker moves the same as the defender and attacks first. The defender then return fire. Both sides resolves damage with the chance die. 1-2 Propulsion, 3-4 Hull, 5 Life Support and 6 Cargo. Now the captain is flying the ship. The other crew members are manning the weapons ( think of Luke and Han in Star Wars.), Manning the engineering station, Damage Control, and Electronic Warfare. All repairs are jury rigged and the players must spend the appropriate U A.’s to truly repair the ship. If the attacker can close to one inch they can perform a boarding action. I suggest you set up the game board to form a airlock a passage to the storage bay which can be whatever size you choose. The defender places his crew in a defensive position and the attacker moves in through the airlock. If the attacker wins he/she chooses 1 high value item of the defender. The amount U.A. sell price is the bounty on the Captain’s head and half that amount on each crew member of that ship. ( Maybe bounty hunters appear next game?)

Uncle Mo’s Space Parts is where you purchase arms and armor for your ship, this is an extra free shop you can visit besides the one you choose to visit.

All ships start with a basic laser which is a (1,0,0) and is free. Type 1 laser cannon (3,2,1) 5 UA, Type 2 (4,3,2) 10 UA, Type 3 (4,3,3) 15 UA. All lasers are a unlimited resource.

Missiles Type 1 (0,1,2) 3 UA each; Type 2 (0,2,3) 6 UA each; Type 3 (0,3,4) 12 UA each. A ship can only hold as many missiles as it has undamaged hull points not jury rigged.

Shields Type 1 (1) 4 UA, Type 2 (2) 8 UA.

Armor Type 1 (1) 3 UA, Type 2 (2) 7UA.

GCC shield and Armor (1) [1] 12 UA.

I’ve also came up with some quick enemy ship stats so you can have a classic space fight with the A.I.

GCC Cutter Propulsion 6, Hull 7 Life Support 6 Laser Armor (1) [1] Cannon (4,3,2) * if looted 2 draws for the bag.

GCC Fighter Propulsion 7, Hull 4, Life Support 2, Cargo 0 Laser Cannon (1,21) * cannot be looted only destroyed.

Purge Corvette Propulsion 6, Hull 5, Life Support 1, Cargo 6 Armor [2] Laser Cannon (3,3,3) 0 draws 4 UA if defeated

Purge Fighter Propulsion 7, Hull 3, Armor [1] 0 draws 1 UA if defeated.

I’m still working on what skills can be used in this phase and should they be filled all the way or just half. Skills I’m think of are Counter Shot, Distraction, Regulate?, Hack?, and Repair.

Feedback would be appreciated. And remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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