Alpha Strike in my world.

So I guess I’ve been under a rock.

Alpha Strike

I didn’t know Battletech had a fast play rule set. Guess my focus on GW games and the death of my Mother got me off track. So I’ve benged all the content I could on Youtube, shout out to Death From Above Studios. And I said to myself damn I’ve got Dropzone Commander which I’ve played twice and a bunch of miniatures from that setting and some Mechclix miniatures ‘ wheels start turning.’

I’ve got my own setting and if I set it a couple hundred years in the future and the collapse of Galatic civilization and a new dark age, both a mixture of 40k, Battletech, Firefly and others then I’ll have my setting I want to be able to tell stories from the near to the far future.

So I’ve combined my Star Trek remade map and looked at the current map of Batteltech and said hum the Human Sphere could be this tiny part of my main map.

Current setting map.
Batteltech map.

So around Sol on my main map the human sphere fits in. I love Chris Moeller’s Iron Empires and Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar influence me heavily. And I can’t leave out 30K, Core Space, Star Wars and Galaxy’s Edge. So back to the point. I could have my own dark age galaxy setting the death of the Emperor and the balkanization of the Empire. I could use my Space Wolves and White Scars as barbarians raiding the local space around Sol. So where does Alpha Strike fit in? Glad you asked.

I’m a big fan of massed battles and Alpha Strike fits right in to my personal system of quick games. So I’m planning on picking out specific Mechs for my setting that every faction has access to. So on the macro scale you have Mechs, tanks, infantry, fighters and bombers. And on the micro you have my Necromunda/ Kill Team using the Star Saga dice. So you have some giant Mechs battling like Titanicus just way faster!

So I’ve got a simi-feudal system with powered armoured knight houses, kingdoms and star nations battling each other. FTL is through Subspace which is similar to 40k’s Warp but slightly different. You need now a navigator to travel Subspace in the Human Sphere because the tech to build subspace jump computers has been lost or greatly reduced. In fact Earth humans never had the ability to build one on our own, we were given the tech from the Empire but not the ability to build it.

So what is the reason for the new dark age? Religion especially Christianity ( hold on.) When the Empire re- discovered us they were a Mother goddess worshipping culture. Everyone in the Empire of Gaia was. The prophecy of the Celestial Child manifesting in the real space was found to happen on Earth. Catholic religion was exported to the galaxy. The Gaia religion was thrown into upheaval. On one hand the prophecy was fulfilled, but on the other hand not in the way the church of Gaia wanted. The Emperor a vary religious man converted started a schism and was assassinated. But this was after 200 years of civil war. Earth had time to expand before the dark age sets in.

So now I have even a greater excuse to use my large miniature collection and can play in any of my homebrews setting eras contact, post contact and the fall. Until next time folks remember their your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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