Oh Yeah! The Battle for Underhive Manhattan about to begin!

Got my Goliath Gang finish, well finished enough to play. Seen alot of conversions of the free miniature from White Dwarf the one with the Age of Sigmar Khorn priest as the leader for the gang. I just painted him up a few months ago, before Necromunda Underhive came out. I think I stated that in a earlier blog. Anyway here’s a look of the new gang haven’t thought up a name for them yet.

 I’m wanting them to be cannibalistic, very terrifying for other gangs and residents on the Underhive. One the other hand. I finished a few of my Escher’s, got them ready to play at least. Again, no name for them yet. But I do know they are lead by Dark Sasha! I think she’s going to be a bad mofo around the hive.

Then I moved over to that box of Necron Deathmark’s that have been staring at me. So now I got a A.I. kill team to stalk the depths of the Underhive.
I might paint the shoulders black like I seen on the box. How many of you are thinking about running your kill teams from Shadow War Armageddon?  Look like with a little work you could get it to work. In my campaign I’m also using the Mordehim search results with modifications of course.

Can’t you just see your Space Marines cleansing the scum of the Underhive! The possibilities are limitless with Yaktribes Inquisamunda and Necromunda – Privateer you got yourself a RPG lite system with very little work. And that’s what I like using what you want how you want. I’m using my Marine Scouts as regular Marines and the power armor marines as knights. Which are regular humans in power armor. Like in Christopher Moller’s Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War which is part of his Iron Empires setting. Now I know some of you fans of 40K or HH will say you can’t do that! 40K has borrowed from Dune, Judge Dredd, Starship Troopers, Mad Max. I would suggest you pick up a copy of Warhammer 40000 Rogue Trader and see how far the setting has come what was the inspiration for the game and what good ‘ole GW had rehashed. Until next time happy gaming and remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want!

Playing with what you own in any setting.

What to do with all your mins!

I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours, not some game systems or company’s. I have mins from GW, Heroscape, Heroclixs, Mantic, ect. I’ve played multiple systems and like them all but sometimes I want to play my own games with house rules, no sense in recreating the wheel. I’ve been playing a spaceship battle game using modified Babylon 5 ACTA, Full thrust and BFG. I divide the hull points by 2 from Full Thrust, added weapons from ACTA and BFG. The setting I’m using is Earth in the latter part of this century. America is now the Federal States of America more of the back story coming later. What do you think about using all of your miniatures? Right now for my Necromunda/Mordehim I’m really feeling the Bloodbound I like the vibe of killer cannibals living in a ruined city.

I’ve been using this America 2050 map to show future hive cities and the high speed rail routes that connect them. The smaller circles are where a hive fleet remains crashed into America. I’m using ‘nids from GW mostly guants and genestealers, with the queen being a hive queen from Aliens. I painted my nids black and highlighted them in metallic silver and gold with the spore mines silver with red highlights. Most people would say ‘hey you can’t paint nids like that!’ I bought them so I can paint them anyway I want. As a fan of Alien and Aliens I first had my guardsmen fighting them on a space hulk. As my game evolved I had them make it to Earth in the late 2019’s and crushed as a threat late 2025. The bug wars forced us to move into hive/mega cities for defense with a few hives still present. But unknown to us the bugs were carrying a parasite a race that was on the verge of being consumed by a hive fleet. The desperate race combined their DNA with the bugs every 1 in 50 bugs born is a reborn remnant of that race now know as the Plague   I’m using my Marro miniatures from Heroscape.

The Plague also damaged the DNA of new species the first sign are citizens turning into zombies. A good use for any zombie miniatures I have around. Then they become hybrids crossed with bug DNA and human a good use for my Genestealer Neophyte Squad.

As you can see the sky is open to what you want to do. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money fielding a large army squad base scrimmage games are the way to go. The big companies like GW and others might lose out on a bunch of money from you amassing one large army they gain from you buying a bunch of starter sets! Either way you go collecting large armies or small squads you are now hooked, the beast has sunk it gaming claws in you. I know from personal experience. My next project are these guys.