Alpha Strike in my world.

So I guess I’ve been under a rock.

Alpha Strike

I didn’t know Battletech had a fast play rule set. Guess my focus on GW games and the death of my Mother got me off track. So I’ve benged all the content I could on Youtube, shout out to Death From Above Studios. And I said to myself damn I’ve got Dropzone Commander which I’ve played twice and a bunch of miniatures from that setting and some Mechclix miniatures ‘ wheels start turning.’

I’ve got my own setting and if I set it a couple hundred years in the future and the collapse of Galatic civilization and a new dark age, both a mixture of 40k, Battletech, Firefly and others then I’ll have my setting I want to be able to tell stories from the near to the far future.

So I’ve combined my Star Trek remade map and looked at the current map of Batteltech and said hum the Human Sphere could be this tiny part of my main map.

Current setting map.
Batteltech map.

So around Sol on my main map the human sphere fits in. I love Chris Moeller’s Iron Empires and Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar influence me heavily. And I can’t leave out 30K, Core Space, Star Wars and Galaxy’s Edge. So back to the point. I could have my own dark age galaxy setting the death of the Emperor and the balkanization of the Empire. I could use my Space Wolves and White Scars as barbarians raiding the local space around Sol. So where does Alpha Strike fit in? Glad you asked.

I’m a big fan of massed battles and Alpha Strike fits right in to my personal system of quick games. So I’m planning on picking out specific Mechs for my setting that every faction has access to. So on the macro scale you have Mechs, tanks, infantry, fighters and bombers. And on the micro you have my Necromunda/ Kill Team using the Star Saga dice. So you have some giant Mechs battling like Titanicus just way faster!

So I’ve got a simi-feudal system with powered armoured knight houses, kingdoms and star nations battling each other. FTL is through Subspace which is similar to 40k’s Warp but slightly different. You need now a navigator to travel Subspace in the Human Sphere because the tech to build subspace jump computers has been lost or greatly reduced. In fact Earth humans never had the ability to build one on our own, we were given the tech from the Empire but not the ability to build it.

So what is the reason for the new dark age? Religion especially Christianity ( hold on.) When the Empire re- discovered us they were a Mother goddess worshipping culture. Everyone in the Empire of Gaia was. The prophecy of the Celestial Child manifesting in the real space was found to happen on Earth. Catholic religion was exported to the galaxy. The Gaia religion was thrown into upheaval. On one hand the prophecy was fulfilled, but on the other hand not in the way the church of Gaia wanted. The Emperor a vary religious man converted started a schism and was assassinated. But this was after 200 years of civil war. Earth had time to expand before the dark age sets in.

So now I have even a greater excuse to use my large miniature collection and can play in any of my homebrews setting eras contact, post contact and the fall. Until next time folks remember their your miniatures play with them how you want to!

My new love!

So folks a quick update my Mother died at the end of may and deep dee depression set in. I haven’t assembled any of the twenty boxes of miniatures, painting anything or played many games. I’ve solo some of the new 9th Ed 40k but ran into a slump with all the die rolls. Now I love rolling dice but doing games solo roll to hit, roll to wound roll to save. Enough of that! Enter the dice from Mantic Stat Saga.

My new go to!

Misses, hits, good hits and terrific hits on the red dice. Miss block, good block and terrific blocks on blue. Simple and beautiful at the same time. I’ve cheated in 40K using the weapon Str for the amount of dice rolled to hit and the Armor Save but in reverse on a d6 for save. I.e. a space marine has a save of 2. Well 2-6=4 so you can roll 4 blue die. A str 4 weapon rolls 4 red dice. If you hit on the red die, you roll the blue dice and compare the symbols. Watch anyones video on YouTube on how to play Star Saga to get the idea. I’ve used this dice system for Kill Team, Fallout Wasteland Warfare, Elder Scrolls, etc. These dice cut down on all the B.S. if you’re playing solo, which I have been. I’m going to see how it works when my oldest Son Commander Space Chicken shows up. Until then remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want!

Core Space space combat.

First off I hate my computer. Why? Because it crashed again! I promised a friend that I would give him a copy of my Core Space space combat rules I made up. At last, ” sigh” I have to revert to my notes.

First both players or GM needs to decide how many turns it will take to reach the jump point. After that you can roll dice, use who was the first to finish the adventure or some other way I haven’t thought of.

You’ll need the measuring tool that comes with the main game because I use the same basic concept as Core Space for moving and range combat. This phase happens before the trade phase of the game.

You are either the attacker or defender. The defender moves first up to 8 inches plus 1 point if repaired propulsion. It’s not until the attacker’s ship gives chase that things pick up ( if playing with a GM he/she could throw in a GCC cutter and fighter escort, pirates, or Purge fighters.)

The attacker moves the same as the defender and attacks first. The defender then return fire. Both sides resolves damage with the chance die. 1-2 Propulsion, 3-4 Hull, 5 Life Support and 6 Cargo. Now the captain is flying the ship. The other crew members are manning the weapons ( think of Luke and Han in Star Wars.), Manning the engineering station, Damage Control, and Electronic Warfare. All repairs are jury rigged and the players must spend the appropriate U A.’s to truly repair the ship. If the attacker can close to one inch they can perform a boarding action. I suggest you set up the game board to form a airlock a passage to the storage bay which can be whatever size you choose. The defender places his crew in a defensive position and the attacker moves in through the airlock. If the attacker wins he/she chooses 1 high value item of the defender. The amount U.A. sell price is the bounty on the Captain’s head and half that amount on each crew member of that ship. ( Maybe bounty hunters appear next game?)

Uncle Mo’s Space Parts is where you purchase arms and armor for your ship, this is an extra free shop you can visit besides the one you choose to visit.

All ships start with a basic laser which is a (1,0,0) and is free. Type 1 laser cannon (3,2,1) 5 UA, Type 2 (4,3,2) 10 UA, Type 3 (4,3,3) 15 UA. All lasers are a unlimited resource.

Missiles Type 1 (0,1,2) 3 UA each; Type 2 (0,2,3) 6 UA each; Type 3 (0,3,4) 12 UA each. A ship can only hold as many missiles as it has undamaged hull points not jury rigged.

Shields Type 1 (1) 4 UA, Type 2 (2) 8 UA.

Armor Type 1 (1) 3 UA, Type 2 (2) 7UA.

GCC shield and Armor (1) [1] 12 UA.

I’ve also came up with some quick enemy ship stats so you can have a classic space fight with the A.I.

GCC Cutter Propulsion 6, Hull 7 Life Support 6 Laser Armor (1) [1] Cannon (4,3,2) * if looted 2 draws for the bag.

GCC Fighter Propulsion 7, Hull 4, Life Support 2, Cargo 0 Laser Cannon (1,21) * cannot be looted only destroyed.

Purge Corvette Propulsion 6, Hull 5, Life Support 1, Cargo 6 Armor [2] Laser Cannon (3,3,3) 0 draws 4 UA if defeated

Purge Fighter Propulsion 7, Hull 3, Armor [1] 0 draws 1 UA if defeated.

I’m still working on what skills can be used in this phase and should they be filled all the way or just half. Skills I’m think of are Counter Shot, Distraction, Regulate?, Hack?, and Repair.

Feedback would be appreciated. And remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Homebrewed Amalgamation!

I love Cyberpunk, I love Fallout, Kill Team, Necromunda, Rangers of Shadowdeep, Frostgrave and D&D! I also LOVE solo play and co-op games and like a lot of you I am broke!

Waiting until next year hopefully around my birthday in April Cyberpunk 2077 will be out but I want to play a miniature game in that kind of world NOW! So what do I do? Remember I’m broke. I could buy for $125.00 USD the Human Interface board game Nakamura Tower, nope still broke. Could also buy Reality’s Edge from Osprey, did, got the PDF and devoured it!

But! I’ve been playing Fallout Fantasy Wasteland and am too lazy to learn a complete new rule set. What to do, what to do? Mash things up! First of all when my Son M.J. Aka Commander Space Chicken comes down to play we don’t have a bunch of time to play. I want to get as much gaming I can with him. The combat if FFW is fine if you got an hour or two to burn, and we don’t! So first thing I did was add combat dice from Star Saga to the game. You look at the weapons card and see what the damage is that’s how many combat dice you roll plus the effect dice. Then the target rolls the blue armor dice to block not the red d12 dice that comes with the FFW game, check!

One problem I had with FFW is not weapons with a burst attack and the explosive weapons only did a few points of damage. Nope, not going to work so I double the damage out put, problems solved. Now cover is key in this type of game it reduces the damage dice by 1 for light and 2 for heavy. You can make your own cards for FFW cards and I did. For weapons that should be or have a automatic burst fire effect like the assault rifle just add a attack dice. The P.C.’s get 2 action points a turn, so the P.C. Can use said automatic assault rifle the card reads at red range close it’s a black and green effect dice ( extra damage and accurate fire) and two physics damage. My adaptation is two red combat dice to start 1 or 2 extra combat dice for a.p.’s and 1 for burst for a minimum of 4 attack dice plus the special effect dice and now combat has gotten a whole lot faster and deadlier!

I’m still working up the hacking, cybernetic and what happens when you get out into the Wasteland. And I will keep you advised on that progress. Me and C.S.C played a demo game using the awesome Cyberpunk set from Battle Systems, and I highly recommend this! I pitted one p.c. With a assault rifle against four mutants ( three Genestealer Cultist and a Genestealer brute.) using the new cover system and combat mechanics the battle was less than 15 minutes not including the banter and rule change input by M.J.

So to all y’all out there you can make your own game worlds by adapting existing works out there and with minimal effort get what you want. It’s up to you to get the results you want nothing is perfect. Trust me I’ve been gaming for 41 years and no game system is perfect, not even my cobbled up homebrewed stuff. But hey, if you’re having fun and it fits your story or gaming need. Remember folks their your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Solo adventuring!

Well ladies and gentlemen summer is almost done here in my neck of the world and school starts next week, YEAH! As life goes on and players move or move on to other things (ahem, girlfriends!) Yours truly still wants to game. Now I do play video RPGs but that’s someone else’s world, not mine! So where to start?

First let’s look at what do you want to play. Is it a dungeon crawl, a space opera, cyberpunk, a grimy crime noir or a Cathulu inspired horror? Or all the above?

Next what rule system should I use? Some variant of D&D, a percentage based game like old Warhammer 40k RPG or something else? Your rule system is just as important as what kind of game you want to play. Why? Because your going to have to adapt it for solo play. Are you playing with one or more PC’s? I suggest watching YouTube and finding Artichoke Dip, Geek Gamers and my favorite go to Dungeon Craft for information on how to do it. Now I’m sure there’s other channels out there on YouTube that comment on the hobby but these three were my first channels I found and followed.

Now you got your world, rules and setting what’s next? A notebook, some graph paper, dice or a dice emulator, some miniatures or some type of visual counters for both the PCs and bad guys. Now if you play any RPG you should own the first three items but the second. Oh boy that’s a rabbit hole you may or may not want to fall down.

The rabbit hole. I’ve been collecting miniatures since the ’80’s it was expensive then and it’s hellevua expensive now! Depending on your setting you can find prepainted mins for D&D, Star Wars, Heroclix, Horroclix, Mechwarrior and others. I’ve got all the fore mentioned lines plus 40K, Star Saga, Blackstone Fortress, Necromunda, Walking dead and Heroscape. Yeah, that’s a lot of plastic and metal dodads as my wife calls them. But I’ve got several pdfs of paper miniatures also. They range from flat, fold over and tri fold figures. What’s best? All of them! It all depends on how much space and money you have at your disposal. Actual miniatures take up space plain and simple! Paper minis can be cheaply replaced if you owned a printer and if they are not pre painted miniatures glue, assembly and painting. If you are going to take the plunge on physical miniatures I would suggest push to fit from GW or a boxed game from Mantic. Start small! Your going to want all of them and even pdfs, card stock and printer ink can run you. I’m still going to play in my Homebrewed world and just finished painting the Fallout Wasteland Warfare starter box. The Wasteland of Oklahoma outside of the OKC Hive city. Well folks until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

The Quest for the perfect rule set.

I’ve been playing RPGs and miniature games since the 80’s and have played and seen many many different gaming systems. D 6’s, D 10’s, 20’s, percentile dice, you name it I’ve probably played it. Recently I’ve been playing Necromunda Underhive, This is not a test, 40k, Kill Team and Fallout Wasteland Warfare. All excellent games and all different systems.

As you who’ve read my Aar’s have seen I’ve like some of you have modified some systems to speed up game play, others to make jokingly close to real world conditions. Take Necromunda Underhive for example. I’ve cut out the roll to hit. Why you my ask? Doesn’t that break the game? Maybe? I personally feel that the roll to wound is another save roll. You already have a armor save and in 40k you have in some cases an invulnerable save. That’s three saves plus a bunch of dice rolling, I like rolling dice but come on! I’ve seen Grimdark’s free rules modifying 40k and like it for what it is. Necromunda already has the wound dice to see what happens after a miniature takes it final wound weather it has one or multiple wounds.

Now I know there will be some people out there saying you’re changing the core spirit of the game. But I ask you am I? In Necromunda you already have modifiers to your hit roll. You’ve got cover, range and condition modifiers that make your chance to hit more difficult, yes I know there are upgrades to your model that can change your chances to hit. As I said earlier I’m simulating real world conditions where if your shot or strike hits a enemy it only has a armor save. Does it change the game? Yes. Does it make it better? For me yes. Why? Because it forces use of cover. Cover have saved more lives in combat and in the streets than any armor. Trust me if a round hits you, you are thankful that you have armor but in real life nobody is Rambo and can rush through a hail of bullets. You move from cover to cover looking for a shot, but mostly keeping your head down. In gang warfare which Necromunda is simulating. Gun fire between gangs is usually an ambush and haphazard at that. When it does come down to two sides meeting up for battle you can bet cover is a major factor!

Well that’s my ramblings about game rules and the conclusion is there is no perfect system. All games do what they say the do to simulate combat. The only real combat is real combat. You can modify any system like what I did with Necromunda Underhive because you own that game! Unless you’re playing at a convention or at a lfgs with someone who wants to play with the original rules. There you’re miniatures play with them how you want to!

Space-Grave a Frostgrave in space campaign.


The planet Chimer lost for centuries in sub space has just returned to real space. Chimer was the seat of the heathen Viscount the necromantic lord Slador Qua. Master of the left hand path of subspace matter manipulation also known to the public as magic! A strike corvette the Imperial Warship Any way the wind blows has been dispatched from the Imperial capital Gaia Prime with two members of the right hand path aka the good space wizards Master Benjamin Aventine and his young apprentice Jon Byzantine.

” Master, why are we going to Chimer?”

” Because my young apprentice we’ve been ordered by the council to retrieve any tomes, data pads or objects strong in subspace particles. A gold rush of scavengers and dark users are rushing right now to Chimer any one of these dangerous items could spell disaster for the Imperium.”

” Because of the dark lord of Chimer uses of necromancy?”

” Yes and other fell arts. I’m sure members of the left hand path are already on Chimer. We must stop them from obtaining any of these dark objects.” Aventine says stroking his beard.

” My lord we should be surfacing from subspace in two hours.” A voice says over the intercom.

” Thank you Captain Stewart. Please have a four man marine strike team assembled and waiting for us on the shuttle.”

” As you will my lord.” The Captain responds then cuts communication.

” Well Jon. Looks like adventure waits for us.”

” You know how much I hate this kind of adventure Master.” Jon smiles sarcastically.

” Yes I do.” Aventine says as he smiles back.

Left to right Benjamin Aventine, Jon Byzantine accompanied by four Imperial Marines.

The assault shuttle sweeps over the snow capped mountains and wind swept tundra of Chimer. They quickly arrive at the Capital city of Zod’ah’thoom.

” Pilot please set us down by that mausoleum.”

” Yes sir.”

” Seems like a good place to start Master.”

” Agreed. Sargent have your men lock and loaded.”

” Already on it Master Aventine.” The marine replies.

Down blow hidden among the dark snow caped ruins enemy eyes look at the advancing shuttle.

” Damnation and hell fire! The portents showed we would have more time to recover the tomes before the lapdogs of the Imperium showed up!”

” The dark winds of subspace are fickle my lord.”

The small man looks up and smiles wickedly at the giant of a man in a dark storm coat and black mask with rebreather hoses that disappears into his chest armor.

” True Baron. The demon gods must be playing with us.”

” As they always do Master. As they always do.”

Forces of the Left hand path. Malokeith the Iscariot his apprentice Baron Baal and four members of the Eclipse mercenary company.

Aventine and his forces move cautiously through the ruins of the mausoleum.

” Master I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

” I do too. Take two men and approach the front of the mausoleum. I will take the Sargent and a man and approach the back.”

” As you wish Master.”

But before they can enter the building Malokeith springs his ambush.

” Attack!” The Iscariot screams.

Malokeith launches a bolt of dark purple lighting at Aventine who sees it coming and leaps behind a ruined wall. The Eclipse mercenaries open fire with their bull pup assault rifles spraying bullets at the marines. The advance Imperial armor shrugging off the rounds.

Aventine calls up power from subspace into his body. He extends his right hand shooting a grey cloud at Malokeith. The cloud quickly closes the distance and envelopes the evil man locking him in place. The Marines open fire with their .50 machine guns scoring no hits.

A shambling former inhabitant of Chimer slowly shuffles out of the building. A creature of the dark lords magic or a byproduct of subspace exposure is unknown. What is known is that this fell thing wants to destroy the living.

Baron Baal swiftly moves into contact with the zombie and swings at it with his blazing orange power sword. The blow misses the creature soundly. The zombie raises a decayed hand a swiftly strikes the Baron nicking his flesh.

Jon and his fire team on the other side of the mausoleum confronts a zombie approaching them. Jon a former Imperial special ops soldier pulls out his .50 machine pistol.

” Men combine your fire with mine!”

All three men open fire on the walking corpse. Yellow energy surging from its eyes. Whatever dark power animating doesn’t save it from the hail of bullets that rips it to shreds.

The zombie attacks the Baron again but the dark gods must be favoring the Baron who dodged the blow and cuts the creature down. But as quickly as he kills one another one takes it place. And from the north side of the building a new zombie emerges.

Malokeith stands paralyzed by Aventine’s attack and so do his guards. Benjamin calls up more energy and pushes Malokeith ten feet back. The evil wizard flies backwards crashing into a wall.

A archaic data pad glints in the weak sun light. The Baron orders one of his men to recover it. The Merc quickly complies with the orders not wanting to face the Barons wrath. The Baron assisted by a merc moves into cqc with the new zombie. The Baron must have found his groove as he easily dispatches the zombie.

Jon sees a data crystal in the snow on his left and worn leather book on his right. He orders his marines to recover them. Jon sees a large data crystal in the form of the black three foot obelisk in the center of the mausoleum. He concentrates and with knitted brows extends his right hand. He feels the power of subspace flow through him and connects with the obelisk. He wraps the energy around it and attempts to pull it towards him. But the power deserts him, its like moving a glass with a wet napkin. Just as he starts pulling the obelisk towards him the power snaps in two severing Jon’s connection to his power source.

“Shit! Gotta practice more.” Jon muses exhausted.

Another zombie appears from the south entrance between Aventine and Malokeith’s forces.

Malokeith draws energy into his body as he storms towards Aventine. Aventine sees the dark energy surging around Malokeith and forms a protective shield around himself. The Sargent lines up his machine gun on a merc and cuts him down. The other marine misses his merc by inches.

The Baron raging in dark revelry charges into the zombie that emerged from the south entrance and cuts it down! Spying another artifact sticking from the snow orders his other guard to retrieve it.

Jon securing the obelisk sees the Baron. He draws his power and attempts to bind the Baron. The Baron chuckles as he easily resist the assault.

” You’ll have to do better than that boy!”

From a moldering crypt emerges another zombie between Jon and the Baron it’s hateful eyes lock on the Baron.

Malokeith launches himself into the air blade surging with jet black energy. Aventine’s sword is surrounded by crystal blue energy. The two wizards trade blows faster than the eye can follow. But Malokeith that old snake is just a fraction faster than Aventine. The black blade evades Aventine’s and crashes through his shimmering shield cutting through his armor and into his shoulder.

” Arrugh!” Aventine shouts.

” Pathetic dog of the Imperium and the jaded right. Know that I the Iscariot will be the death of you!”

” Not yet old man!” Aventine yells in defiance.

The Marines and Merc’s exchange fire. The marines take no damage but the mer does.

The Baron attempts to charge Jon but is intercepted by the zombie. The zombie leaps at the Baron who attempts to swat it down and misses. The zombies enhanced claws cut into the Baron’ s armor and into what’s left of his flesh! The other zombie stalking the Baron’s man with the data slate attacks. The zombie’s claws are a furry of motion but sometimes the mer’s amour saves him. The merc pushes the creature back and flees the field. Jon draws up power and pushes the Zombie into Malokeith then moves into combat wth the Baron. He ignites his sword emerald green energy surging up the blade. Orange and green blades meet. The Baron is ten times stronger than Jon but wounded. Jon younger and undamaged manages to slip in a blow and downs the hulking Baron who falls down wound smoking in the snow.

The Marines and Merc’s exchange fire. The Sarge is clipped but he and his man brings another merc down. The zombie manages to take a bite out of Malokeith wounding him greatly.

The Iscariot and Ben trade another series of eye watering blows. But this time it is Aventine who lands a telling blown which smotes Malokeith’s armor and bites deeply into his flesh.

” It’s over old man. Surrender and I will take you back to face Imperial justice.”

” Never dog! Not as long as I have life in this wretched body!” Malokeith says through clenched teeth black blood streaming between them.

Malokeith cast leap on himself and flies off into the approaching blizzard. Aventine orders his team back to the shuttle but not before Jon shoots the last merc.

Aventine looks at his apprentice exhausted but amused. Jon smiles as he helps his master back to the shuttle.

” It seems like we’ll have other chances to finish off my old master.”

” He’ll need a new apprentice.”

” I don’t think so my young apprentice. The Baron is a hard man to kill. I know I’ve tried many times in the past.”

Jon says nothing as he helps his limping master into the shuttle and out of the freezing wind.

Wow what a game! I was attempting to use Frostgrave to tell the back story of Aventine and and Jon before they left the order and joined the Rangers. I had t story already in my head but for a moment it looked like the game was going to finish Aventine before the Shadow Deep got to him. I used Nozza’s of Nozza’s wargaming rules for Star Wars for Frostgrave as a background. Coming up next I’m going to use Joseph A. McCullough’s Operation Last Train to tell my Earth bug war story. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

RoSD in Spaaace! Bug Holes! (Infected Trees.)

3-26-2525 16:15

I had to call down my medic Jolly from the Controversy. Jolly’s quarterman a race 1/4 the size of a normal human. He might be small but he’s one hell of a medic and not to bad with his rifle.

We followed the strange tracks deeper into the badlands and quickly found the culprits BUGS! Didn’t know which strain of bugs they belonged to. The chitinous Swarm, the Skeletal Plague or the simi-human Infliltrators. But any flavor they all start out in this basic form the two or four armed Skulkers.

R-28 scanner located five cocoons and five bugs. The cocoons might contain survivors from the town. Why they took them this far into the badlands puzzles me. With my dead master’s Pis-sword in my right hand and my heavy pistol in my left it’s now time to kill bugs.

I quickly down a bug guarding a cocoon ahead of us. My fire team comprises of Eve, R-28, and Greaves. The other is lead by Shadowfox and has Jolly and Jenkins. Jolly with Med kit out approaches a cocoon and finds a dead civi, damn!

The remaining four bugs rush towards my fire team. I down one, Eve one and R-28’s machine guns pulverize the last tow bug! Whew, now we’ve got breathing room to rescue civilians and close those bug holes. Shadowfox uses her sharp Shide Bowie knife to cut the cocoon open discovering the local defense Leader Captain Charles Steel. I approach a cocoon and rip into it only to find a dead civilian a young lady killed in the prime of her life. A ray of sunshine cuts through the dust and the trees.

I approach another cocoon and finds Pvt. Zander Borger dazed but alive. No sign of bugs and Shadowfox her fire team and Cpt. Steel take out the first bug hole.

Eve-6 and Greaves take out the second bug hole and R-28 the third. R-28 strangely gets tangled in bug resin. But R-28 fires its repulsors on maximum easily frees itself. ” Zzzt… highly unpleasant….. zzzt!”

” Be careful R-28!” I shout.

” Zzzt… that’s what I was attempting to do master… zzzt!”

Eve laugh ” Looks like he told you!”

I shoot her a look and Greaves has the good sense to be looking the other way.

I personally close the last bug hole with a grenade as R-28 investigates the last cocoon find a dead civilian. We regroup in the center of the combat zone piling up the cocooned dead civilians for a funeral pyre when Jolly gets tangled in a strand of bug resin.

” A little help here would damn be appreciated!” The more Jolly struggles the more he entangles himself.

” Someone please help the good doctor, please?” I say trying to hold in a chuckle.

Jolly shoots me a wide eyed looks as Shadowfox and Jenkins untangle him. I follow his gaze and see the Alpha Skulker returning to his nests. It looks like he was stalking us because he appears on the trail we arrived on.

We all open fire on the Alpha quickly reducing it to a pile of steaming gore. I order Greaves to light the pyre. And we all say prayers for the lost souls. I lead the survivors to my shuttle and we quickly leave this benighted place but the deep dread in my heart let’s me know we’ll soon be back.

Wow, ladies and gentlemen! That was one hell of a game. I adapted rules for firearms from Joseph A. McCullough’s new game “Last Train” the one thing I think I needed to adjust was the armor of the bugs from a 8 to a 12 or 14, yeah I think for the Genestealers I’m using it will be a 14 next time. Otherwise no major gripes. My next two or so games will be a flashback with Master Aventine and his apprentice Jon Byzantine on their adventure on the evil frozen world of Kymier fresh that just re-emerged from sub space. Yes folks Frostgrave in Spaaace! I’m going to try the Star Wars adaptation and see how it works. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!