RoSD in Spaaace!

3-25-2525. 24:15

FASS (Federal American Space Ship) Controversy.

Captain Jon Byzantine Ranger rank 1.

Received orders to investigate strange occurrences on a backwater planet called Alladore from FedCom. All communications have ceased since 3-10-2525. Alladore is a jointly owned planet. The F.S.A. and the E.U. Both have multiple colonies there plus the U.N. Base on the north polar region. FedCom has also informed me that my old master Aventine was charged with the primary investigation has gone missing around a small commune. We set course immediately! The crew of my corvette comprises of Eve-6 my navigator and bodyguard. She’s the reason Aventine and I left the Order of the open hand at the end of the synth wars. More information on that can be found in our files. My Sidhe tracker Shadowfox, Trooper B. Greaves, Cadet Jenkins and my rifle drone R-28.

We find Aventine’s shuttle crashed in the center of a small commune named Sweatwater. We see no signs of Aventine or residents but we do hear strange moans and the skittering of clawed feet.

“Vermin!” Spits Shadowfox.

I quickly recall her disdain of any of the galaxy’s multiple forms of scavengers.

” Calm down Fox. Let’s keep frosty people. We need to find Aventine and the locals.”

“Captain I’ve spotted movement coming from 4 o’ clock!” Shouts trooper Greaves.

” And our 6.” Says Eve calmly.

” Got something at 8!” Jenkins shouts nervously.

” Movement at 12.” Adds Shadowfox.

” zzzt… movement vectors conformed Captain also life readings coming from section 5.3 not humanoid. Six sensor anomalies located and locked to personal scanners. Zzzt!”

” Thanks for the heads up R-28. Weapons free Team if anything looks hostile dust it!”

I see a shambling form moving around the nose cone of the crashed shuttle. A tattered civilian jumpsuit hangs off of a man like creature. It’s yellow dead eyes lock on to mine. Looking at the things green tinted skin I can tell it’s been dead for some time. I raise my Colt 99 auto pistol and its four round burst quickly cuts the thing down.

Boy this was a nail biter from the jump! My guys can’t hit the side of a moon. For the first two turns we stayed in a circle firing at the approaching zombies and space rats. The rats were no problem dispatching but the zombies were another story. One made contact with Eve and Jenkins and they started talking damage that Jon had to sort out with his sword. Greves and Shadow Fox finally took out two zombies ( 1 at 12 o’clock and the other at 4.) The cards for the first two turns didn’t help either a Red 2 and a Red three gave me 4 more zombies! Yea!! Not! I finally realized I needed to uncover some markers so I sent R-28 to check out one he discovered some drugs aka herbs. I moved Eve off to the 7 o’clock and discovered a survivor Constable Sneed. He was banged up but ready to fight. I sent Jenkins to the marker located in a nearby building at 11 o’clock. He needed a TN 8 to open the locked door, arrugh! A 1 no open door.

The zombies close at 7, 5, 4 and 12 o’clock. The zombies at 5 make contact with Eve and Sneed but no combat because it took a double move to come into contact. I was lucky that Greeves, Jon and Shadowfox were able to take out three zombies. So I sent R-28 to check out another marker. Wham! Zombie! And R-28 in a heroic round of combat becomes my first casualty. Nooo not R-28! Combat between Eve, Sneed and a zombie isn’t going well. Eve takes another hit putting her down to six, Sneed gets lucky and damages the zombie to half health. They decided to advance to the rear and closer to Jon. Jenkins try’s to open the door and rolls a damn 3! Jenkins you are the worst!

Zombies advance one makes contact with Jenkins who dispatches it easily. Jenkins your the best. Another zombie makes contact with Eve and Sneed who becomes my second and third casualties. Man this ain’t fun anymore! A Red 5 and 6 pops up another zombie and a space rat in the next two turns. This is Starting to get serious! Jenkins finally opens the door and finds the body of my former master Aventine and his sword. Yea?

Jon takes out another zombie as does Shadowfox. Greves takes out the space rat. The last zombie moves towards Jon. Oh great the Red Ace four more zombies at the starting point. Ugh! Jenkins finds treasure at his marker and Greves finds some strange tracks. Jon takes out another zombie and the new ones start to close in. Shadowfox takes one down to half health and Greves takes out one all the way. The Red 8 pops up and Jenkins has to take a TN 16 that he aces with a 20! I’ve got three zombies and one last marker in a building with a zombie in it.

Well it took me the rest of the game to take out the remaining zombies and we never discovered what was in the last building. Made some survivor rolls for Eve and R-28 both came out fine no lasting injuries is it because one is a synth and the other a robot?

I must say this game is awesome to play solo. I’m going to have to work on some house rules for sci fi. I can tell you personally the combat is brutal and companions can go down quickly! I’ve got the infected trees next. So I’ll see y’all after I get that game in. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Rangers of Shadow Deep in Space!

I’ve know I’ve been away for awhile dear readers. I’m back now and on a new project. Joseph A. McCullough’s Rangers of Shadow Deep! Yup, fell down that rabbit hole and fell hard! I like many of you have been searching for the mythical ” perfect ” game system. RoSD is filling that role perfectly for now. Now I’m sure you all have either heard about this game system a updated solo form of Frostgrave. If you haven’t there are many excellent videos on YouTube that can clue you in.

So why In Space? Simple, I own more Sci-fi miniatures than Fantasy and don’t have the funds or the desire to buy or find them. Lazy? Yup, maybe? No I’m lazy, but I digress. I saw online a Star Wars skin of Frostgrave and liked it. After watching Guerrilla Miniature Games review and play through I fell immediately in love with the system. I had already purchased Warhammer Quest Blackstone Fortress and wanted to get the most out of my purchase.

So I grafted RoSD to my existing game world ( haven’t played a game yet). My painting skills have fallen off lately (damn bifocals!) so I haven’t been on to paint anymore. Well I’ve gotten over that slump and I know I won’t ever win any Golden Demon awards and really don’t care to. So anyway I’ve got some Heroscape miniatures and a bunch of others GW, Heroclix, etc. So I’m going to give it a go. First you need a ranger, I’m leaning towards this guy and his trusty bodyguard.

Next you need other companions to fill out your roster a strong range or shooter character. I’m leaning towards this one.

I think she’ll do perfectly as a ranged/ melee character. I want a thief and a sniper so these two halflngs are going to fit those roles.

Want a alien character on my team so the Kroot from WQBF is going to make the team.

I have no idea right now about the other members of my Ranger’s team. I’m still going through my boxes of miniatures to find the right feel. Thinking about what’s my Rangers roll is. Are they like the Texas Rangers? SPECTERS like Mass Effect? Or a combination of the two or something all together different? I should have my team together and ready to go by this weekend. I will post them and a AAR soon. So remember folks They’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Recover the Power Armor and Zombie Attack!

” High Command has ordered us into the city. Seems a transport carrying some old Mark III Power Armor has crashed. We can’t let the Reds or any of the civilians claim it. I’m going to divide the platoon into two groups. Team A I’ll be leading into the city and Team B lead by Lt. Galvin will guard HQ while we are away. I’ll post the names of the teams on the wall everyone be ready to move in ten!”

Jimmy looks over at Bifocals and whispers. ” I hope to God I don’t get sent to the field.”

“Well I hope I do.” Interjects Rookie.

Bifocals and Jimmy gives Rookie smug looks as they walk to the armory.

” It’ll be a mildly irradiated walk in the park Rookie.”

” I know it’ll be fun Jimmy!” Rookie shouts in pure excitement.

Jimmy and Bifocals both roll their eyes.

Ten minutes later the duty roster is posted on a computer display board outside the chow hall.

” Damn damn damn!” Jimmy shouts in dismay.

” Suck it up Jimmy! You are a F.S.A trooper!” Sgt. Swartz shouts as he dresses down Jimmy and slings his rifle over his shoulder. ” The Captain is already in the A.P.C. Team A let’s move!”

” Good luck Jimmy!” Bifocals shouts giving him the thumbs up.

” Screw you Bifocals. See you when I get back, come on Rookie seems you got your wish.”

” I know!” Rookie squeals in excitement.

A hour later the A.P.C. draws to a halt. Sgt. Swartz punches the ramp button and motions the team to move. The squad divides into two teams on both side of the transport. The Captain exits and scans the area with his binoculars.

” Sgt. I’ve located the cargo. Seems HQ was remiss in the info. It seems we have three not one sets of armor to recover. They seem intact in their containers.”

” Any signs of the Reds?” Swartz says as he takes up position by the Captain by a nearby pile of concrete.

” No. But there seems to be some locals approaching and they seem to be hostile.” The Captain hands Swartz the binoculars.

” Damn! Raiders and the cannibal type. Men lock and load!”

” Cannibals? Oh great!”

” Pack your balls Jimmy! Your on point!”

” Thanks Sarge. Your full of kindness.”

” Shut up and move your ass!”

Jimmy rushes forward moving from pile of rubble to blown out building. He takes up position providing overwatch for his fire team. Swartz moves both teams forward and they fan out taking up firing positions. Large genetically altered men in studded leather and metal plates for armor slowly move into view. Their leader a large hulking man with a red metal mowhawk and sharp jagged metal teeth moves his men forward unconcerned with anything.

” Grishnack! Get your ass moving! We need that armor! With it the Red Maws will rule the city!”

Grishnack a muscle bound man with a oversized shot gun that looks like a massive .35 revolver rushes forward.

Jimmy sees a large man moving towards one of the crates of power armor. He lines up the man center mass and takes a shot! The round slams into the man spinning him in place and he goes down.

” Take that savage. Bifocals couldn’t make that shot!” He shouts.

” Check again Jimmy!” Swartz says as he takes position next to Jimmy.

The man Jimmy shot slowly rises with a grin on his face.

” Looks like we have guests for dinner boys!” The raider shouts.

For the next five minutes all hell breaks out. In quick succession four troopers are messily taken out by over size cleavers, chainsaw axes and guns. Kendrick the sniper takes out two raiders before being pulverized by a oversized powered construction hammer. Another raider is taken out and Jimmy finally takes out the raider he was shooting at. Swartz makes it to a power armor crate.

” Jimmy cover me while I bypass the computer lock.”

” Got your six Sarge! Rookie your with me.”

Rookie takes up position next to Jimmy scanning for raiders. Swartz quickly bypasses the lock. A large rusty set of armor with a heavy .60 cal rifle stands ready for combat. Swartz enters the armor and powers it up.

” Booting this bucket up boys.” Swartz’s voice booms out from the armor speakers. ” Give me a minute to bring up the H.U.D.”

” Got you Sarge. Rookie watch out!”

A hulking raider in red leather and pig iron armor rushes them a massive cleaver in his right hand and a large machine pistol in the other rushes them. Rookie takes a blow that sends him flying. Jimmy trying to take aim takes two large caliber rounds to his torso. Swartz sees all of this as green phosphor target designation display cue centers on the raider. Swartz brings up the large rifle and lets off a three round mass reactive shot that blows fist sized holes in the raider messily killing him.

” Medic! I have two men down at my location.”

” On my way Sargent Swartz.” A tinny voice replies on his radio.

” Sargent Swartz we need you at my local A.S.F.P.! The shit has definitely hit the fan!”

” On my way Sir!”

Swartz is amazed by the power and speed of the power armor. He had trained at Fort Sill for a month in Mark I years ago but he never fielded one. He passes the medic on his way to the Captain. Another trooper has entered a suit of armor armed with a pistol and power hammer. Simms he calls up on his display. Simms seems to have taken some damage but seems still in the fight taking down another raider and the Captain another. The raider leader joins the massive melee.

” I will ware your bones!” He shouts.

” Not today savage!” Swartz shouts as he lines up two shots on the leader blasting him out of the building. Seeing that their leader is down the rest of the raiders flee the seen.

” Sir the last set of armor is intact. It seems the raiders weren’t able to open the lock.”

” Excellent news Dutch. Let’s retrieve it and R.T.B. What’s to casualty count?”

” Jenkins and Rookie are down. Kendrick is K.I.A. Getting sit reps on the other three.”

” Bloody day Sargent and damn bloody day!”

” Amen Sir.”

I combined Kill Team and Necromund rules together as a excuse to use my Goliath gang. And it was a blast! Frag grenades flying, power hammers and the renderizer was brutal on regular guards men. On the other hand power armor is killer in Kill Team/Necromunda. I strongly recommend combining both settings for a more rpg lite experience. The next battle is with the B team back at the base. Played some Fallout Wasteland Warefare and wanted to use some ghouls. I modified a scenario from the FWW book and had a go C.S.C. Was sweating bullets in both battles we had a blast!

The Brave Escape of Captain Chin.

Captain Chin knew he was in real trouble this time. He barely avoided being blasted to bits by those two frag grenades that the Feds sent after him. The good point is the blast destroyed the ladder leading to the warehouse and his former HQ. The bad is he thinks he is not alone.

Chin’s eyes quickly adjusts to the low light of the underground work way and sewer. He hears low hissing from behind him. A shadowy figure appears in front of him and some six sense makes him half turn his head to look behind him and he spies two more figures behind him.

” Looks like 812 has more problems than us. Genestealers! I wonder how long they’ve been here?”

Chin racks his bolter pistol and quickly guns down two assailants in front of him. They both fall to the metal floor with fist sized holes in their chest and torsos.

The leader of the Genestealers seeing two of his brothers fall to this food-prey hisses for his second to fallow him. Both beings advance and fire their assault rifles at Chin. Several rounds strike the R.C.F. Captain but fail to down him.

Chin now confident he’s on top of the situation lines up several shots on the leader and his second. One round takes the head off the leader and wings the second in command. Seeing the leader fall one flees but the others steel themselves wanting revenge on the trespasser.

The Second in command fires on full auto attempting to take down the interloper. Several rounds strike Chin his ceramic-plastic steel breast plate stops several rounds but one strikes true.

Chin winces as the round tears through his left shoulder. He rushes the purple head mutant and strikes him down with his mono edge power sword. The remaining foes seeing that they have bitten off more than they can chew slink back into the darkness.

” Now that I’m done with these fools it time to make it back to HQ. And with this wound High Command will declare me a hero. The disaster at the warehouse will fade after I bring back news about the Genestealer infection.”

Chin strides bravely into the dim work ways confident that he’s safely on his way to glory or is he?

I had a blast using Fallout Wasteland Warefare A.I. Rules for Kill Teamumda. That’s a combination of Kill Team and Necromunda Underground. I don’t have the full FWW game yet but I do have Necromunda, Kill Team, Kill Team Rogue Trader and the original Rogue Trader rules. I want a rpg lite game and GW giving me the tools to create it!

First we have the brave? Comrade-Captain Chin wysiwyg with 2 wounds. Since it’s a solo game all parties have two actions. The group that has the least models goes first just like FWW. Anyway here’s the foes!

Lead by Garn the brave and his second Zoloft Shock they attempted to ambush to bring back meat for the nest.

Round one has Chin flanked on all sides but he gets to go first. Using the blind A.I. System will activate the Genestealer Cult models.

Chin goes first with his Bolt Pistol two actions two shots each, why? Because they are with in 6″ pistol 1 double shots, Chin didn’t move so he has two actions. That lead to one down Cultist. The leader and his second group activated and rush Chin. The leader missed and the second plugs Chin who makes a armor save.One the Chin’s next turn he returns the favor four shots two into each foe. The leader is out and the second is down. Not looking good for the Cult.On the Cults activation Chin is attacked from behind the Cultist has two actions which leads to four shots being pumped into Chin, oh no! One of the rolls is a 6 house rules is a 6 is a crit and a extra roll with the ammo dice. So Chin has to make 4 armor saves he has 4+ armor save and makes them all like a boss!

On Chin’s activation I try charging into melee, why? Why not? Chin has a WS of 4 but a BS of 3. Looks like I should’ve stayed back a shot! But that’s not in Chin’s nature. He attacks the second dealing only a flesh wound. After nerve test another Cultist checks out leaving on the Second and another grunt.

The guy in the back takes four shots at Chin on this shot you can see Chin making a save like a boss!

Chin activated downing the second in command. Seeing that the boys bottle leaving Chin alone.

With a flesh wound and two left will Chin make it back to his lines? Or will he have to face other horrors in the maintenance tunnels under the city? I have to say this was a blast took me less than 30 minutes to play. I think this homebrewed system just might work folk! Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

The Battle for Wichita 812!

Wichita 812 is a garden world a farm world for the Federal States of America. The Russian-Chinese Federation wanted 812 badly and by badly it means desperately. The short nuclear war that Earth experienced mess up the ecosystem big time. The U.N. tasked Food Corp to provide nutrition for 8 billion people. The underground factories in the F.S.A. Midwest and Southwest regions can only pump out so much cloned foodstuffs for a starving population. Luckily for the F.S.A. They found Wichita 812 fifty years ago and The U.N.-Food Corp contract has made 812 a cash cow jewel in the F.S.A.’s crown.

The R.C.F. Invasion force emerged from sub-space and caught the F.S.A. Defense force around 812 unprepared but the battle was not one sided as the R.C.F. Had planned. The R.C.F. Did have more ships and was able to land a sizable invasion force on 812 before a reinforcement fleet from the F.S.A. Drove them off for a month or two to regroup and gather more forces. On May 3rd 2118 the F.C.A. Started the second battle of the Wichita Stars. A U.N. Observation fleet did not step in until the R.C.F. Started nuking several sites on planet. 812’s food charter changing hands from one power block to another did not concern the U.N. governing body one bit, but the loss of a food producing world to radiation poisoning by a sore looser is another!

Sgt. “Dutch” Swartz was mad! Mad because one of his men Jenkins had been captured by the Reds! Reds a archaic word unearthed for the R.C.F. Forces. Mad because of the low ammunition and rations for his men. Mad because the Reds had nuked several major cities. Swartz planned payback on the Reds and it was time for the bastard to pay the bill.

” Bifocals, Gunner and the F.N.G.’s are one team. Pretty Boy, One Shot and the redshirt boys with me. Jenkins is being held in that abandoned warehouse ahead. After we breech the doors Bifocals team goes left and we’ll take the right. Questions anyone?”

No one says a thing. Kitted up and ready for bear the Kill Team rushes the massive metal warehouse doors. Bifocals Team quickly peels off to the left and Swartz’s to the right. R.C.F. Troopers in their drab uniforms and gas masks patrol the gloomy interior their A.K. 2100’s slung over their shoulders.

One Shot lines up his cross hairs on the chest of a Red trooper and let’s off a shot that quickly downs the trooper. Gunner with the SAW guns down another, while Bifocals wings another. The Reds quickly returned fire and two Spetsnaz storm troopers appear from a shadowed alcove and plug two of the F.N.G.’s one going down to the heavy precise fire coming from the Spetsnaz.

Comrade-Captain Chin hears the gun battle from his office and knows that the Feds have come for their man. The Commissar hadn’t arrived from H.Q. to interrogate the prisoner which intel says is related to one of the F.S.A.’s elite houses.

” This Jenkins is not worth my life if I can’t relocate him I’ll kill him myself.” He says to himself as he looks at his Crome mass reactive pistol and punches the alarm.

” Looks like shits definitely hit the fan Sarge!” One Shot shouts as he takes out another trooper.

” That’s a understatement One. Team flank ’em and rush that far room! I just saw their bastard of a captain rushing to it. That’s got to be where they are holding Jenkins!”

Gunner roars as he guns down a Spetsnaz trooper his comrade ducks back into the alcove.

” New guy with me!” Gunner shouts as he pushes on into the darkness.

Swartz’s Team makes quick work of the remaining Red troopers and rushes a large bulkhead like door.

” Pretty Boy get us in before they off Jenkins!” Swartz shouts while reloading his pistol.

Pretty Boy pulls out a small keyboard and hard jacks a plug into the door control. A small holographic screen appears and Pretty Boy quickly bypasses the locks. The massive door quickly retracts into the wall. A Red trooper by a computer console looks up takes a shot that clips Pretty Boy and punches a red button that quickly closes the door.

” Ow! I’m going to try that again. Do you guys think you can plug him before I get shot again?” He says rubbing the scorched mark in his combat battle chest plate.

” Pretty you get that door open and I’ll do him myself.” Swartz’s says racking his pistol.

The door opens again this time Swartz, One Shot and Pretty Boy all open fire as it retracts into the wall. Mass reactive shells from Swartz’s pistol blow fist size holes into the trooper and One Shot and Pretty Boy’s hard rounds are just a injury to insult as the trooper is flung into the wall and slumps down very, very dead to the ground. Swartz spies the Red’s commander quickly exiting the area via a trap door.

” Riggs drop a few frag grenades down that trap door maybe it will get to Comrade-Captain and we won’t have to deal with that bastard again.”

” On it Sarge! Nube cover me!” Riggs says as he rushes the trap door two fraggers in hand.

Gunner trains his SAW on the last Spetsnaz who has his back against the bulkhead cell door. Discovering he’s locked out and out gunned he drops his weapon and quickly surrenders

” That’s right ya mankie Red bastard put ya hands up and no sudden moves! One of you F.N.G.’s put some cuffs on this bastard!”

Pretty Boy quickly bypass the locks on the cell door. The door opens to find a skinny black kid with his fist balled ready for a fight.

” Sarge!” He says in a high voice.

” Jenkins get your sorry ass over here. You know we leave no man behind.”

This bat rep was played using the new Rouge Trader Kill Team rules and a combination of Inquisamunda and the A.I. Rules from Fallout Wasteland Warefare with my son Commander Space Chicken. I had watched and played several games of Fallout Wasteland Warfare. Now F.W.W. is a terrific game and does bring a video game to a analog table top system. Then a bolt stuck why can’t Kill Team be like That?! And then I saw it could and I didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. H.O.R. Kill Team, Yaktribe’s N17 Kill Team rules are the answer. A more narrative way to play K.T. A in depth way for character development and using only a d6 system. I must post a picture of my Son’s amazing rolls this game he was on Fire! Gunners three sixes on hits and wounds. Here take a look.

Amazing rolls on hits and saves was very unexpected and very exciting. Now I’m no slouch on die rolls those last two K.T. games is how the R.C.F. ended up with Jenkins! Now me and M.J. Aka Commander Space Chicken are still going to play regular K.T., F.W.W. and other games. But as I say I want to sometimes play in my own universe have as grim dark, star warsize, mass effect like as I want. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Background of my own Universe. Part3.m

Where do we fit in?

Earth the planet we call home we are ignorant of the wider universe and content on killing each other and destroying our environment. Over the centuries we killed off our alien allies trapped with us on our prison planet their very existence fading into myth. Then we started the slow climb back to high technology ever watched by our wardens the Greys on the Moon, under the seas and in the outer regions of the system. The Greys were charged with taking samples of the population looking for genetic defects, taint from contact with the extra dimensional forces that once called this planet their own. Finding none the Greys secretly had their own agenda to find a cure to their genetic degradation by splicing their DNA with ours to limited success. The Greys also had another more sinister reason for abduction of Humans ,slavery; but more on that later.

The United States changed in the latter part of the 20 teens. Civil unrest, natural disaster and distrust of the government lead to martial law and the renaming of the Nation to the Federal States of America. The nation divided into ten federal zones lead by regional overseers, states now had federal governors appointed by the President. Seeing Russia and China forming a new alliance called the Russian Chinese Federation. Europe fearing invasion made sure the European Union was on a war footing. The Islamic nations formed the Islamic Federation, India and its surrounding countries formed the South East Asian League. The nations south of the Sahara desert formed the African Union and the nations of South America except of Columbia the South American Federation. A strange occurrence in the U.K. After Brexit lead to a socialist revolution secretly instigate by France lead to the Royal house of Windsor relocating with the help of Federal States of America to Australia. Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania and Papua New Guinea formed the United Kingdom in Exile. Canada and Mexico soon joined The Federal States as separate but equal members and quickly absorbed Central America and Columbia.

Map by

Early in the 2020’s disclosure was forced on the world when aliens showed up on Christmas Eve via an escape pod crashing on the Washington Mall on T.V. Four beings were rescued. A Sidhe, a Aesir, a Grey and a human? Quickly panic, fear and wonder gripped the world. Every nation wanting access to the aliens. The United Nations stepped in calling for peace and calm. The President of the Federal States allowed after intense interrogation of the aliens to address the world and the U.N. in New York. Tal’She the Sidhe and leader of the survivors informed the world that they were on a mission to Earth to warn of a coming invasion by a alien force of bug like aliens called the Swarm. The Swarm would leave the Earth barren like the aftermath of a Swarm of locusts. Questions accusations and out right disbelief erupted in the chamber. Tal’She waited calmly and after shock set in she informed us we had ten years twenty at the most to prepare for the invasion. They the aliens were sent by their government the Imperium of Gaia to give to Earth the technology to defend itself in return they requested to be taken to a nearby space station six months away by sub space drive.

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Then the proverbial cat was out of the bag both the Federal States and Russia had be in contact with the Greys for over fifty years and had some of the technology to carry the survivors home but not the sub space drive. The Sectary General of the U.N. quickly took control of the situation proclaiming that a United Earth should help our visitors get back home on world wide T.V. Backing the Federal States and the Russian Chinese Federation into a corner. The President and Chairman of the Political Bureau had no choice but to accept. The quiet human Regelius Bato had two requests. Number one to meet in private with the U.N.’s Sectary General and two a private meeting with the Pope. Why the world wondered? What secrets did he hold for those two men and what would it mean for the rest of us?

Image by

It took only two months for the F.S.A, R.C.F and the E.U. To construct a craft named the U.N. Andromeda crewed by all nations of the world but lead by a U.N. officer Commander Theo Schwaller a man totally loyal to the U.N. and a United planet. While the Andromeda was under construction the survivors gave to Earth free energy plans as in cold fusion, advanced medical technology, the cure for cancer, life extension and to the U.N. cloning techniques for animals as well as humans. And what did they give the Pope? A question and the Pope gave a answer that spurred Bato’s desire to depart as soon as possible. Bato had one last meeting with the Secretary General and the Pope he gave both men a secret mission for the U.N. prepare a secret clone army and navy and for the Pope to unite all religions under the Catholic Church and be ready for the arrival of the Emperor.

The Andromeda left under great fanfare and less than a week after its departure it was business as usual for the nations of Earth, War! Not Armageddon but damn near close to it! The F.S.A launched a series of deep space missions with the new Sub space drive. Finding no less than three Earth like worlds that was quickly colonized then fought over by the other nations. The U.N. peace keepers took a more active role in policing the world’s hot spots, claiming weaker nations not allied with the bigger power blocks under its protection. The other nations soon found out that the U.N. could and would use force to protect those smaller nations, no longer could the larger power blocks claim and exhort smaller countries.

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Then in late 2025 a series of dirty bombs exploded in Europe, Russian, And China by Islamic jihadist under the disguise at preemptive strikes by the enemy nations. The E.U and the R.C.F exchange several low yield nuclear missile strikes at military bases until evidence pointed out several jihadist cells backed by Tehran were responsible. Europe’s, Russia’s and China’s population erupted in a orgy of violence against Muslims in their respective countries until the U.N. peace keepers stepped in and forced peace. The Baltic nations were left as radioactive wastelands barely able to support life. Germany, Austria, Poland and Denmark left the E.U. And Formed the Nue Prussian Coalition. The U.N. took control of the Netherlands, The blasted Baltic States, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine as a buffer between Western Europe and the Russians Chinese Federation. The E.U. Was left with France as the lead nation, Spain, Portugal, Italy minus Vatican City it fell under the banner of the U.N., Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece and the Western part of Turkey the Asia Minor half is part of the Islamic Federation.


The Federal States did not escape some nuclear damaged as its brief exchange of missiles with the leading nations of the South American Federation of Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela lead to deaths of millions in both blocks. The small dust up was over Columbia not wanting to be part of the S.A.F. Was officially offered a lesser position in the F.S.A. As was Cuba who quickly joined the coalition. Puerto Rico already part of the F.S.A. With its other Caribbean holdings fought a series of small navel battles with the E.U. And S.A.F. France was not pleased with Brazil when it tried to annex French Guiana and a small ground war was fought which ended with Guyana and Suriname falling under E.U. Dominion even with the intervention of Venezuela which had its own problems fighting F.S.A. Forces on its western boarder. The war soon ended after a few well placed orbital shot for U.N. ships in orbit using carbon- tungsten rods on several military bases and a few well hid command bunkers in the region of conflict. Now cowed the F.S.A., S.A.F. And the E.U. Fight small shadow wars in the jungles of South America. France upset with the F.S.A. Armed French separatist in Quebec who attacked Main and New York. New York City was damaged in three years of fighting until again the U.N. stepped in with a large force of troops and armor unlike anything the world had ever seen. New York City is now a protective zone tersely under U.N. control. Low level armed conflict still occurs by non F.S.A. And E.U. Forces against each other and the U.N.

I’m shooting for all the stereotypes of near future sci-fi. Hardwired, Cyberpunk, 2300 AD and the like for books and RPGs. Jupiter Jones, the Matrix trilogy, Road Warrior trilogy, Ghost in the Shell, Appleseed and Akria are a big influence as well as Escape from New York and even Escape from L.A. The conflict between North and South America was influenced by the video game Call of Duty: Ghosts, man I love that game! In part four I will attempt to describe Earths colonization of near space, the wars there and if I have space, pun intended. The big reveal of how the Imperium enters the scene. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

Background of my own universe. Part 2.

The Humans quickly usurped all governments throughout the galaxy. Subjugating every species we found seeded or the few natural. A Cult formed around the A.I. Mother and was quickly invading the main religion of the Father and Son. This was the first fracture in the galactic empire. Next was the Sidhe uprising a collection of the eleven races, orks, Machinas and greys with a few of the lesser species. The Humans, Aesir and they Loyal Sidhe of the Talos cluster and the rest of the lesser species wage a brief war throughout the galaxy. Image from Reddit.

The next unexpected blow as a resurgence from the old enemies from the old galaxy the Nephilim and the Borg Revolution with a unexpected allies a Rouge Seraph leading the forces of Erebus Nyx further dividing the galaxy in another terrible war. With titanic lose of life on all sides a brief period of peace fell over the galaxy. The current Human Emperor Anatolius Paulus Quintilus Rex divided the galaxy into provinces lead by a king, queen, prince or regent. This peace lasted for four thousand years. Humanity took the old Sidhe capital world as their throneworld naming it Gaia after the now mythical A.I. turned goddess and married to the Father and mother of the Son.

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The Empire now know as the Imperium of Gaia ruled the galaxy peacefully meeting every thousand years on the last functioning war sphere Gaia’s Mercy the other the heavily damaged Hammer of God forever protects Gaia Prime the jewel of the Imperium. Three thousand years ago the Gaia’s Mercy arrives coreward in the system of Xebsep VII. All the heads of the numerous provinces met on the Gaia’s Mercy as she loomed over the desert world of of Eiseyaht. This is when the last and final blow to the galactic empire fell. The Gaia’s Mercy was sabotaged and exploded killing the Emperor and the heads of all states. In the destruction someone fired a sun buster into Xebsep VII causing it to go nova! The tragedy was felt throughout the galaxy, subspace storms made long distance faster than light travel impossible. In one blow the Imperium was sundered. Contact with the coreward, spinward, anti-spinward and what was left of the home galaxy. The throneworld struggled to hold on to its power in the rim. But civil war has divided the once unified core worlds.

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Brother fought against brother. Once strong allies are now mortal foes everyone accusing each other for the destruction and the disaster never once expecting a older alien enemy once thought utterly defeated is now raising its ugly tentacle head.

I wanted to use my existing GW 40K miniatures, Heroscape, Warzone: Resurrection and others in my own world. I do still play the games they go with but I like to use them in my own games. I use rules from The new Kill Team, Necromunda and Two Hour Wargames for my battles. But after reading Christopher Moeller’s Faith Conquers, Sheva’s War and Void of the Iron Empires graphic novels. As well as the background of the Ion Age wargame and the Original Warhammer 40000 Rouge Trader. I wanted duo use of my Space Marines as knights. A feudal world that’s dark but not totally grim dark, don’t get me wrong I love 40k read all the books, love all the lore. But I remember way back in the 80’s when Space Marines were regular humans, doped up psychotic indoctrinated humans but still just human. Not the uber elite super transhumans that are still Mary Sues on the table top. Primaris are pretty good oh I hear the hate mail coming. When battling someone besides my oldest Son M.J. Aka Commander Space Chicken I play in the cannon universe. But when it’s me and CSC our table top wargames are more like rpg lite. I like telling stories exploring what if’s (which was one of my favorite Marvel comics.) I’m looking now for some Renaissance Sci Fi miniatures to go with my Rouge Trader box I’m picking up this weekend. Next part three is where we fit into all of this, why we see ufos, why did the Moon ring like a bell and what the future holds. Also shortly batreps will be posted. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to.

Background lore on my own Kill Team Universe. Part 1.

I’ve been kicking around this idea for over two decades the idea that we humans are not native to Earth. That we come from somewhere else a long long time ago. Now since if you are reading this don’t have time and are not part of my campaign you don’t want the slow burn reveal. So here’s what I’m working with.

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One hundred thousand years ago our race originated in the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy. Humanity was waging a war against Transhumans called the Nephilim and a A.I. Slave revolt known as the Borg Revolution. Religion played a strong part of our lives think the Book of Genesis chapters 1 to 6. Our leaders, priest really saw the impending doom of our civilization not by war but by the looming super galaxy devouring ours. So they created a new biological A.I. Known as Mother to help conquer and start a colonization program of the new galaxy. First she sent uplifted animal human hybrids as pathfinders. That program lasted thousands of years, then enhanced humans followed. Then lastly pure strain humans in vast war spheres the size of moons poured out into the seeded galaxy. Fifty thousand ago a small fleet of war spheres made it rimward to the galactic south and found a computation of civilizations formed in a loose coalition fighting for survival against a extra-dimensional foe alien and abhorrent to anything humanity ever known or could conceive.

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Lead by winged beings know as Seraphim beings of great power but few in number. Elf like beings called the Sidhe, the squat humans known as the Aesir, the grey skinned clone lords the Herra, the green skinned transhumans simply called orks and last of the major factions the Cybernetic enhanced Reginum Machina and many lesser races and factions. Were they human? Seed races sent out earlier by our civilization? Or were they native to this new galaxy? One group loosely allied with this Coalition was the lords of Erebus Nyx the eternal enemy of the Seraphim. But this new enemy this invader from another reality Thuloizds octopi humanoids created to dwell in this reality their master the Dredd Cthulhu was bringing his dead city planet R’lyeh into our universe and with it his vile race the Chthonic would gain a foothold new worlds to twist, new races to devour and mutate.Image by

The Thuloizds needed to anchor R’lyeh to four points in our new galaxy. One to a planet in the four cardinal directions. After twenty thousand years of total war, the raising and burning of planets, the total destruction of star systems but making their stars go nova. The Thuloizds and their slave races the Bugs and their last ditch effort to supplant humanity the Lycanthropes were finally defeated on the last anchor planet. A blue green eden world in the backwaters of the rim. Mother, the Emperor Armeikus Rex and the Church sends its best Commander Chronos Ra Rex and his small fleet of war spheres to the system. Several were damaged in the outer system by the two largest gas giants, but the last one made orbit around the planet. Soon Commander Rex’s forces make planetfall consisting of humans, Sidhe, Aesir and the rest. A battle unlike anything ever seen in this galaxy is waged against the Thuloizds and their slave races but at a cost. The other world energy was infecting the forces of light when the last anchor to R’lyeh was severed sub space was wracked with tremendous storms making travel through the galaxy near impossible. Image by

When the sub space storms calmed down a rescue fleet was dispatched to access and rescue the survivors. But concerns among the allies about the possible corruption of the survivors made rescue a non-option. The damage war sphere would serve as a observation post and periodically run test on the survivors who had the barest of technology to see if they were fit to rejoin galactic civilization. Twice drastic intervention took place the destruction of the Atlantis civilization for colonization of the system and almost making it out of the Sol system. A series of missile strikes to the colonies on Mars, the Moon surface and some of the outer moons wiped them out in atomic fire. The war sphere’s damaged sub space drives was activated causing heavy climate changes to the planet engulfing it in a world wide flood. Centuries later a upstart leader attempts to launch a warship redeveloped from lost technology to escape the devastated world. The consensus of the allies was to introduce a virus that would shorten the life span of the survivors and make them hostile to each other. But all was not perfect in the new galactic coalition but that’s a story for another time.

I was wanting to get down some of the background for my game universe in a simi brief format. As you can see I vaguely referenced Noah’s flood and the Tower of Babel. Hopefully tomorrow I will fill in what’s been happening in the galaxy and maybe on Earth. Remember folks They’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

My thoughts on Kill Team.

Me and my oldest son M.J. Aka Commander Space Chicken played three games of K.T. He is sold on the Guard and I tried out the Genestealer Cult on our first two games and the Skitarii on our last.

The Genestealer Cult and the Guard aren’t bad as some say. But the Cult are BEAST in melee! Our first two turns were the normal ready snipers and move up melee models into cover. Now I must admit M.J. Did cut down my first abhorrent to my dismay. But my other ones got in and made quick work of most of his Kill Team even while moving 3 inches and giving the Guard a free attack. For Guard players I suggest flamers, flamers, flamers! Auto hits and a D6 on the number of attacks can wipe out horde kill teams. But alas the dice gods were not on Commander Space Chicken side. We went again and besides a few awesome sniper shots on both sides it ended the same Cult 2 Guard 0!

Our last game was the Skitarii vs the Guard!

Now this game was close the Skitarii are a glass cannon. Hit hard but easy to go down with their +3 toughness. Keep them in cover at all times! I don’t have any Ruststalkers so I can’t comment on them. But, the Skitarii Vanguard Irradiation reducing toughness by -1 in melee can be a life savor. The plasma caliver is a monster and I must include the GSC’s Seismic cannon to the list also. Both weapons can almost one shot a guardsman.

So my final thoughts on Kill Team is this is a awesome game! I’m making a Guard Kill Team to see if my tactics are any better. I think my tactics are better than Commander S.C.! 🤣 But we’ll have to wait until this weekend to see. I can already see how I can blend Necromunda with Kill Team for a RPG lite game. The possibilities are limitless with the tools GW has given us. Got to finish the big building from the Kill Team box before the weekend. I am going to try a few solo games until then. Hopefully expanding my homebrew universe. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

My leap into the new Kill Team!

Today me and my two sons MJ and Isaac played two games of KT with the basic rules. I must say it was very enjoyable and fast. First of all cover, cover, cover! The -1 to hit rolls is great! Plus if it’s long range it’s a -2! Now I know certain stragitums can negate some modifiers, but you usually have a BS of 4 so rolling high is always good.

What I find interesting is making Kill Teams. Who I’m going to take? What’s my load out? What specialist am I taking? I’ve only just dove into the game today so I can’t say which load out is the best. But really I don’t care! It’s fun playing different teams. And I think that’s what GW was shooting for.

I know power players will take the better shooting or Melee KT’s! But I play a more narrative game with my kids. All our battles are linked and the members of the team are fleshed out. It really hurts when your favorite member gets hurt or killed. On the other hand you feel joy when the survive and advance or make a impossible shot or kill in Melee.

It’s just my humble opinion folks. But I think GW has a winner this time. A game that will give Infinity a run for it’s money. Until next time, remember they’re your Miniatures, play how you want to!