Investigation OKC Hive!

May 13th 2077 Oklahoma City Hive.

Federal Agents: Egan Eisenhower (Team Lead), Lucy Jacobson ( Cybercrime & Forensics.)

Agents are to investigate theft of weapon shipments and track down and eliminate perpetrators with extreme prejudice.

Federal Agents Jacobson & Eisenhower

We would’ve taken the bullet train from D.C. Hive to OKC Hive but the time in transit would be 8 hours. 8 hours that our lead would grow cold and the perps that much farther in the wind. Instead we took a ramjet shuttle a hour and a half flight time is better. I’ll clear up our travel vouchers with the Director later.

” Why so grim Eisenhower?” Lucy asks while looking at the case docket.

” Because this smells funny. I think we’re being set up. Busting Lord-Senator Buchanan and his coven put a lot of pressure on the Senate and the Nobility.”

Lucy looks at me amused and continues reading the docket. Nobility, lords and ladies. The thought sickens me. The Federal States of America is Federal only in name. If it wasn’t for first contact last century and the bug wars. The U.N. wouldn’t have had the power to impose its will on the nations and sell Earth and its colonies out to the Imperium. Yes the Imperium let’s us govern ourselves, we only pay taxes and allow them to impose their culture on us, nobility! They also have us fighting in foreign wars against other star nations. Our Imperial governor the U.N. Lord-General Anton Caspari has imposed his will on the nations and the colonies. His clone troops patrol the grater parts of Manhattan, L.A. Hive and the Chicago Hive complex and that’s just here on the American section. Moscow, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. Oh, and by the way America, Canada and Mexico form the Federal States of North America that extends to Colombia. A fact that the South America Federation is still very upset about even today small border wars with the S.A.F.

” Two minuets until arrival sirs.” The pilot announces from the cockpit.

Both of us look out the window and see the bloated form of the OKC mega-complex stretching from its western gate city of El Reno to its eastern gate city of Shawnee, its northern gate city of Edmond and the southern gate city of Norman.

Sixteen lane three tiered superhighways lead to and away in the four cardinal points. The ramjet descends on vector jets lowering us down through multiple levels to our destination the original level of Oklahoma City now the hive bottom. I tell the pilot to have our luggage taken to the Skrvin Hotel. Our residence for our hopefully short stay in this pathetically small hive city.

We take a robocab to the Police Precent Fort 832 the center of our operation and the start of our investigation. Blue and white security droids both canine and humanoid patrol the outer perimeter of the fortress accompanied with their human handlers in black carapace armor.

” Identification!” Barks a officer guarding the steps leading to the precent fortress entrance. Two robotic guard dogs flank us weapons training on us with green laser beams. We slowly and easily produce our Federal I.D.’s the guard runs a hand scanner over our credentials and his face drops.

” Sorry m’lords I didn’t recognize you or was alerted of your arrival.”

” And why should you?” Snaps Lucy. ” Our arrival and identification is classified.”

That’s why I like Lucy quick on the quips and putting lesser people in place. That’s one of the reasons our partnership has lasted five years besides her skill sets. We quickly climb the broad concrete steps and enter the corridors of the precinct. Officers and droids escort offenders to interrogation cells or holding cells. Our h.u.d.’s show us the way to the Chief’s office. We enter unannounced and find a blonde head woman arguing with a black headed man in a beaten up black Stetson and brown duster. The two stop and focus on us.

” Who and the hell are you? And don’t you have the manners to knock before entering the office of the chief of police?”

” No to your last question and we are Federal Agents. I assume the ones you two are arguing about.” I say with a bland face.

The man in the Stetson laughs while the woman stares at us with a cold stern look.

” I’m Chief Decker and this is Marshall Winston.”

” Our Director had ordered us to investigate the theft of a arms shipment from Twin Eagle and Warlock Inc. And after we find the arms we are to terminate the perps and then we’ll be out of your hair and back to D.C. But where are my manners? I’m Agent Eisenhower and this is Agent Jacobson.”

Lucy nods friendly to the Chief and Marshall while I stand stone faced with my hands behind my back.

” Well don’t just stand there with the door open. Come in and take a seat. I assure you my office is sound and bug prof unlike the hallway. We wouldn’t want your investigation to get out unlike your presence. Which I can most definitely assure you is out in the lower hive by now.”

Lucy and I take a seat in the hardwood chairs while the Marshall stands at the side of the desk. Chief Decker retakes her comfortable padded leather seat and turns the flat computer screen towards Lucy and me.

” Reports show that the Red band gang stole the shipments of small arms, rifles, flak armor and a few sets of power armor. We think they are attempting to sell to the local Yukaza or rebel dissents. Ever since the U.N. has given farming lands and contracts to Food Co. local ranchers and farmers have went out of business. That doesn’t sit well with the locals, but if the Lord-President Count Banfield and the Senate commands we here in OKC hive follow. Unquestioned as all good Federal citizens should.”

I raise a eyebrow at Lucy a small smile crossing my face. “Most assuredly Chief Decker. What can you tell me about these Red band gang?”

” They are a bunch of dissidents! A bunch of vets fro the S.A.F. Wars. They came back found that they didn’t like living on their V.A. Benefits and turned to crime. And I suspect they were criminals while in uniform.” Marshall Winston interjects.

” The Marshall has had run ins with them in the outer hive sectors. They’ve killed a few of his men and he’s not particularly found of them.”

” No, I ain’t!”

” Ahem! Continuing. Their leader is a Colonel Abraham Schneider. A twice decorated Army Distinguished Service medal and five Purple Hearts. The second Purple Heart cost him his right arm which was bionically replaced. That earned him the nickname Silver arm Schneider. Schneider was discharged with honor after he ignored orders to return to base. He did after massacring a joint Argentina and Brazilian platoon. It didn’t matter to HQ that said platoon had just raided and burned several Colombian villages leaving no one alive. Needless to say Schneider has beef with the government especially with Lord-Governor Baron Cornett. His son Lord-Knight Sir. Everett Cornett was his battalion commander. There’s bad blood between Schneider and the Cornetts. If Silver Arm can bring shame on the Cornett name and even get them disfranchised he wouldn’t be more happier.”

” So Schneider would even work with the Yukaza?”

” Seems so Agent.” Decker replies solemnly.

” Any idea where their base of operation is located?” Lucy asked while studying the computer screen.

” Somewhere in the tunnels. During the Bug Wars the government built miles of tunnels and underground bunkers below the city along with power a sewer passages. But we’re certain that he’s located around the old downtown area.”

” What’s the diameter?”

” Two miles square at the least.”

I look at Lucy. ” Two miles square in the tunnels.”

” No worse than underground D.C.”

to be continued……