ShadowWar vs 2018 Kill Team.

Ok folks, just watched a ton of open box videos and the best one was by Ash at Guerrilla Miniatures. Saw a bunch of cool buildings but it was Ash’s review of the rules that got my mind turning. Now I’ve been playing RPGs and miniature wargames since the early 80’s and as it’s said in the Bible: There’s nothing new under the sun!

What’s the difference between SWA and Kill Team? The stats are 8th Ed, cards and command points, and less dudes for certain factions. I will eventually buy the box but now I’m not rushing to pre-order. Because? With some little tweaks here and there it’s the same damn game! Unless you are new to the hobby you can figure out how to play the new game and that’s what I’m going to do. On Ash’s sight on YouTube he’s going to play a game tomorrow July 19th. Full rules warbands and all. Am I watching? Yes! But I’m not so stoked like I was last week about the product.

Game boards are 22 x 30 for small close up games. Got boards and some terrain, need more that’s why I’m buying the box set but next month. Buy the rules that were discussed KT’s are around 100 points. Now in the box you get around 100 points of Cogboys and around 60 something of Genestealer Cults, can someone say money grab out of the gate! Now before I get a bunch of hate GW has been knocking them down this year. But come on man! The main box set doesn’t give you two full teams. Maybe it’s because of the way the GC will play out in the game is why you don’t get close to the Cogboys? Don’t know? I can guess at why different factions get what they get. ‘Nids with shooty guants, wanted that in SWA. But now Dark Elder and ‘quins get robbed. Will more books and game boxes come out? Yes! We got Rogue Trader out at the end of the year. So what I’m saying in a nutshell is by combining SWA, Necromunda and what we all can glean about the new game using 8th Ed. Stats. We can play the new KT without buying the rules straight out of the gate. It’s just my opinion, remember they’re your miniatures. Play with them how you want to. Until next time peace and good gaming.

New Kill Team pt. 2

Ok we got new information about Kill Team. We all know the preorder is July 21st and have some idea what teams are available and that Rouge Trader out at the end of 2018 will be a expansion for Kill Team. Am I excited? Yes I am. Am I little bit worried? Yes! I hope the rules are tight for this type of warfare. No long charts, no convoluted rules and combat. I myself just took the role to wound out of my home brewed game. Me and my oldest Son who lives 1.5 hours away in OKC don’t have the time for a long game.Now I know that last statement was Hersey to some players but we decided hell if you hit em then the armor save kicks in. We used some of Necromunda Underworld dice rules and gave out another hit point or two. But on to Kill Team! I can see how this can be a cash cow for ole Gee Dubs! Small sets of armies.As you can see small sets of miniatures plus terrain for you to buy, I guess around $50 maybe even $35, I can hope! Whatever the price you get a team and some stuff to play the game! I see the money flowing right now. Boxes of terrain which I must say are beyond my painting skills now, but I’m going to get them anyway!Now that one is going to be a bitch for me to paint and make it look good. Lucky for me that I play small games with my family. Look at the detail of this kit! Man oh man, it’s awesome! I guess it’ll be around $65. At the most. I think this will give Infinity a good run for its money! Small kits of armies, terrain boxes and rules supported by GW, I hope. Because if GW has a history of putting out something like Shadow War Armageddon and then just leaving it to wither on the vine. I just hope with Rouge Trader coming out later this year that we will be playing this addition of Kill Team for a long time.Close quarter combat with lots of terrain, now that’s combat. Small miniature count on both sides equals money saved. Now you can buy miniatures of other armies you don’t have but would like to buy and paint. Low entry cost but high returns because if you are like me you want more. Other boxes with the tiles specifically for the game like the industrial box and was hinted at a death world. What can we expect next a dark elder ship? A ‘nid hive? The possibilities are beyond imagine and that’s the crux! They got you hooked! Low buy in and now low cost as you go and later a lot of money you spent down the road. I like it!I can only guess at what’s to come. I hope it will be a exciting one will I buy everything? No, maybe? It all depends on the cost of the boxes in the long run. But whatever the future holds it will be exciting. Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!

The New Rogue Trader

Oh boy! Previews of ole GW’s Rogue Trader are out and I must say they look great! I’ve seen some people online pouring salt on the mins, my response is if you don’t like them don’t buy them! Or better yet try making your own but better. The one that’s getting the most hate is this fella!

I can roll with this one as a crazy mutant butcher the paint jobs going to be at bitch, well at least for my painting skills. The next one people are throw shade at is this Lovecraft inspired dude here.

I think this gut tells a story. The guy trying to escape his stomach with stomach acid coming out the wound, now man that’s great! The crew of the Rogue Trader are ok for the gothic space look.

Love the assassin holding the mutant head. The rest of the crew can be seen fighting the mutants on a planet. We’ve got armsmen, a doctor, a Nobel maybe the Rogue Trader him/herself and a Attack dog.

Some speculate that the mutants are Nurgal blessed with the flies and fleas. Some think Slannesh with all the octopus arms and stuff. I think hey they are mutants! Probably have a mixture of both. The next picture is a Attack on a spaceship.

Now I can use a spaceship game board. I see Necromunda bulkhead doors and that’s a good thing. Space maggots? That’s new and I can use them too. With all of that said I like the miniatures. It’s good that GW is branching out with different miniatures we need more in the gaming world in my opinion. My only problem is when this coming out! September? October? November? Damn! GW just give me a date! Until next time remember they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to.

New Kill Team

I’m on the fence about the New Kill Team rules coming out this year. We’ve had Shadowar Armageddon, the new Necromunda for awhile. I think we can extrapolate the new game rules from what’s out already and what can be seen online at this point. I’ve been playing RPGs and table top games for over thirty years as it is said in the Bible ” there’s nothing new under the sun.” Now don’t get me wrong. I will check out what the new Kill Team is about but I don’t know if I’ll buy the book. I’ve still got the Burning of Prosphro to put together, a bunch of Death Korps of Kreig and the Death Guard portion of Dark Vengeance to finish as well as finishing my Genestealer Cult and Primaris Reivers. As you can see my plate is full. I do like the idea of 40k in a smaller setting, more story driving game play, but I think the fan made Kill Team fills that. Plus you know my motto you bought ’em use them how you want. I just finished the Custodes codex love the fluff and the stats are insane! I wonder how many Custodes would be in a Kill Team? 3? Plus a leader making it 4? Either way with the stats one word crazy! Just might take some Custodes out as a Kill Team just as soon as I put them together. ‘Sigh!’ probably next month. I still owe the few of you who follow my blog the ending of my campaign. Send me your thoughts about the upcoming Kill Team rules and any comments on my AARs is welcome. Until next time keep gaming!

Investigation OKC Hive Part 2

Into the dark:

Lucy and I take a robocab to our hotel a gothic historical hulk called the Skervin a relic of days long gone. We exit our transport in the shadow of the building. Taking notice of the dregs and lower class workers trudging to work, their habs or a place to eat. My H.U.D. points me to a unused and uninhibited alleyway. I motion for Lucy to follow. We quickly enter the gloom and I spy the grate leading down to the tunnels. A security board keeps all but us out. A quick scan of my badge and the lock disengages. I lift up the grate and look down into the darkness. A corroded ladder is the only way down. I motion to Lucy to go first and she gives me a smirk as she descends I quickly follow closing the grate. As I reach the bottom I find Lucy with both of her bolt pistols out pointing in both directions.

” This way.” I point to the right with my bolt pistol.

Lucy nods and follows. Rats and fist sized roaches scurry out of our way as we creep down the the concrete corridor. Lumen lamps are spaced every thirty feet. Old rusted shut doors block us searching any other rooms or ways. I hear muffled voices ahead of us. I point to my ear and then in the direction of the voices. Lucy nods while clicking the safeties off both of her pistols and I do the same. We slowly round a corner and see a large 40 x 40 chamber. Two barrel drums are on fire and two men with red bandannas are arguing with their backs to us. At the north end of the chamber is a passage way leading into the darkness. To the east is another corridor a lumen lamp reveals another man with a rifle looking away in its sickly glow.

” I don’t care what Silver Arm say Rollo! Dealing with the Yukaza is where I draw the line.”

” Keep it down will you, Specks?” Rolls says while looking down the darkened hallway. ” If the boss hears you he’ll ice both of us.”

” Those Weapons better be worth all this hassle.” Specks says looking at two large green crates and four footlockers.

” I hope so too.” I say while shooting Specks in the forehead with a explosive bolt completely decapitating him.

Lucy quickly guns down Rollo one bolt hitting him in his left shoulder and the other his right hip. Both rounds leave the man looking like a dinosaur took two large bites out of him.

A hard round zings off the concrete wall by my head. I turn and see the guard with the rifle running towards us.

” Looks like they want to play.” Lucy nods at three more guards exiting the northern corridor.

” Think if we announce ourselves they’ll surrender?” I say smugly.

” Federal Agents! Put down your arms and I promise you a quick termination after your interrogation.”

” Slag you and your offer Fed witch!” One gangsters says opening up on us with a sub machine gun.

” Guess we got our answer.” Lucy says before cartwheeling to the other corner.

” Damn!” I mutter to myself as I let off two rounds at the guard who just took a pot shot at me.

” What’s the plan?” Lucy shouts as she lets loose with both pistols.

” I want one alive!” I shout while blowing a bowling ball sized hole in the chest of the guard flanking me.

” Affirmative!” She shouts back taking out one of the three.

I spy one taking cover behind a steel container. He’s reloading his AK47 and shouting to his comrade to cover him. These guys must be new recruits anyone else would know talking cover behind that when a Federal Agent has a bolt gun has never been in combat before. Street battles and habcomplex shootouts but never a real war. I switch my ammunition on my bolter from normal to armor piercing. I line up the shot center of the container and squeeze the trigger. The round easily passes through the steel container and explodes in the guts of the ganger. Lucy being who she is fires a high explosive round at the remaining gang member. The round explodes launching a singed man in the air. When he lands he finds us over him with three barrels aimed at his head.

” So glad you surrendered. Cuff him Lucy.”

” Why do I always have to touch these scummers?” She says while cuffing the perpetrator’s hands behind his back.

” Because it says I’m the Lead Agent.” I respond while pointing at my badge. She scoffs as she yanks the gangster to his feet.

” This is Agent Eisenhower we need a clean up crew and evidence recovery crew in sub section D-42/7A. Also transportation for one perp and two agents.”

” Request received Agent Eisenhower. E.T.A. 25 minutes please maintain vigilance until officers arrive. + Thought of the day. All who toil will be rewarded.+”

” You heard the man. All we have to do is wait. I suggest you mag lock the perp to that steel waste pipe and pull-up some box and get some rest. I have a feeling this isn’t over yet.”

To be continued….. Next Assault on Fortress Precent 832!

Investigation OKC Hive!

May 13th 2077 Oklahoma City Hive.

Federal Agents: Egan Eisenhower (Team Lead), Lucy Jacobson ( Cybercrime & Forensics.)

Agents are to investigate theft of weapon shipments and track down and eliminate perpetrators with extreme prejudice.

Federal Agents Jacobson & Eisenhower

We would’ve taken the bullet train from D.C. Hive to OKC Hive but the time in transit would be 8 hours. 8 hours that our lead would grow cold and the perps that much farther in the wind. Instead we took a ramjet shuttle a hour and a half flight time is better. I’ll clear up our travel vouchers with the Director later.

” Why so grim Eisenhower?” Lucy asks while looking at the case docket.

” Because this smells funny. I think we’re being set up. Busting Lord-Senator Buchanan and his coven put a lot of pressure on the Senate and the Nobility.”

Lucy looks at me amused and continues reading the docket. Nobility, lords and ladies. The thought sickens me. The Federal States of America is Federal only in name. If it wasn’t for first contact last century and the bug wars. The U.N. wouldn’t have had the power to impose its will on the nations and sell Earth and its colonies out to the Imperium. Yes the Imperium let’s us govern ourselves, we only pay taxes and allow them to impose their culture on us, nobility! They also have us fighting in foreign wars against other star nations. Our Imperial governor the U.N. Lord-General Anton Caspari has imposed his will on the nations and the colonies. His clone troops patrol the grater parts of Manhattan, L.A. Hive and the Chicago Hive complex and that’s just here on the American section. Moscow, Cape Town, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Sydney, etc. Oh, and by the way America, Canada and Mexico form the Federal States of North America that extends to Colombia. A fact that the South America Federation is still very upset about even today small border wars with the S.A.F.

” Two minuets until arrival sirs.” The pilot announces from the cockpit.

Both of us look out the window and see the bloated form of the OKC mega-complex stretching from its western gate city of El Reno to its eastern gate city of Shawnee, its northern gate city of Edmond and the southern gate city of Norman.

Sixteen lane three tiered superhighways lead to and away in the four cardinal points. The ramjet descends on vector jets lowering us down through multiple levels to our destination the original level of Oklahoma City now the hive bottom. I tell the pilot to have our luggage taken to the Skrvin Hotel. Our residence for our hopefully short stay in this pathetically small hive city.

We take a robocab to the Police Precent Fort 832 the center of our operation and the start of our investigation. Blue and white security droids both canine and humanoid patrol the outer perimeter of the fortress accompanied with their human handlers in black carapace armor.

” Identification!” Barks a officer guarding the steps leading to the precent fortress entrance. Two robotic guard dogs flank us weapons training on us with green laser beams. We slowly and easily produce our Federal I.D.’s the guard runs a hand scanner over our credentials and his face drops.

” Sorry m’lords I didn’t recognize you or was alerted of your arrival.”

” And why should you?” Snaps Lucy. ” Our arrival and identification is classified.”

That’s why I like Lucy quick on the quips and putting lesser people in place. That’s one of the reasons our partnership has lasted five years besides her skill sets. We quickly climb the broad concrete steps and enter the corridors of the precinct. Officers and droids escort offenders to interrogation cells or holding cells. Our h.u.d.’s show us the way to the Chief’s office. We enter unannounced and find a blonde head woman arguing with a black headed man in a beaten up black Stetson and brown duster. The two stop and focus on us.

” Who and the hell are you? And don’t you have the manners to knock before entering the office of the chief of police?”

” No to your last question and we are Federal Agents. I assume the ones you two are arguing about.” I say with a bland face.

The man in the Stetson laughs while the woman stares at us with a cold stern look.

” I’m Chief Decker and this is Marshall Winston.”

” Our Director had ordered us to investigate the theft of a arms shipment from Twin Eagle and Warlock Inc. And after we find the arms we are to terminate the perps and then we’ll be out of your hair and back to D.C. But where are my manners? I’m Agent Eisenhower and this is Agent Jacobson.”

Lucy nods friendly to the Chief and Marshall while I stand stone faced with my hands behind my back.

” Well don’t just stand there with the door open. Come in and take a seat. I assure you my office is sound and bug prof unlike the hallway. We wouldn’t want your investigation to get out unlike your presence. Which I can most definitely assure you is out in the lower hive by now.”

Lucy and I take a seat in the hardwood chairs while the Marshall stands at the side of the desk. Chief Decker retakes her comfortable padded leather seat and turns the flat computer screen towards Lucy and me.

” Reports show that the Red band gang stole the shipments of small arms, rifles, flak armor and a few sets of power armor. We think they are attempting to sell to the local Yukaza or rebel dissents. Ever since the U.N. has given farming lands and contracts to Food Co. local ranchers and farmers have went out of business. That doesn’t sit well with the locals, but if the Lord-President Count Banfield and the Senate commands we here in OKC hive follow. Unquestioned as all good Federal citizens should.”

I raise a eyebrow at Lucy a small smile crossing my face. “Most assuredly Chief Decker. What can you tell me about these Red band gang?”

” They are a bunch of dissidents! A bunch of vets fro the S.A.F. Wars. They came back found that they didn’t like living on their V.A. Benefits and turned to crime. And I suspect they were criminals while in uniform.” Marshall Winston interjects.

” The Marshall has had run ins with them in the outer hive sectors. They’ve killed a few of his men and he’s not particularly found of them.”

” No, I ain’t!”

” Ahem! Continuing. Their leader is a Colonel Abraham Schneider. A twice decorated Army Distinguished Service medal and five Purple Hearts. The second Purple Heart cost him his right arm which was bionically replaced. That earned him the nickname Silver arm Schneider. Schneider was discharged with honor after he ignored orders to return to base. He did after massacring a joint Argentina and Brazilian platoon. It didn’t matter to HQ that said platoon had just raided and burned several Colombian villages leaving no one alive. Needless to say Schneider has beef with the government especially with Lord-Governor Baron Cornett. His son Lord-Knight Sir. Everett Cornett was his battalion commander. There’s bad blood between Schneider and the Cornetts. If Silver Arm can bring shame on the Cornett name and even get them disfranchised he wouldn’t be more happier.”

” So Schneider would even work with the Yukaza?”

” Seems so Agent.” Decker replies solemnly.

” Any idea where their base of operation is located?” Lucy asked while studying the computer screen.

” Somewhere in the tunnels. During the Bug Wars the government built miles of tunnels and underground bunkers below the city along with power a sewer passages. But we’re certain that he’s located around the old downtown area.”

” What’s the diameter?”

” Two miles square at the least.”

I look at Lucy. ” Two miles square in the tunnels.”

” No worse than underground D.C.”

to be continued……

Necromunda and the fight with Grandfather Nurgle!

So ladies and gentlemen it’s been awhile since my last post. Me and Grandpa Nurgle have been wrestling for a few weeks. Just when he thought he had me on the ropes Wensday, I over came his plague ridden embrace and now I’m back! Is it me or did anyone else have a hard time putting the Escher’s together?

The bodies weren’t a problem to put together. The trouble I had was the multi part heads. I think GW are making these parts smaller! Lol! Finished the bulkheads, doors and barriers. Primed and painted a Eldar four man Guardian fire team. I don’t plan on collecting a large Eldar force but I do plan on getting a Spiritseer or a Warlock with a Witch Blade and Shuriken pistol as a team leader, or maybe a Farseer? Which one would you suggest as a small team leader?  Out of those miniatures which one has the most dynamic pose? Don’t feel like converting and using green stuff. Just want a min that looks good stright out of the box.                     

  I had some Necron Abyss left and was going for a space paint scheme. I don’t think the execution work so well. Now with that done. I can focus on getting back to gaming. What do you think about the ammo dice for Necromunda? And do you use the ammo dice for other games? I know in my house rules of old Necromunda when you ran out of ammo you had a chance to reload. Didn’t feel that rule. Never been in combat with out at least four spare clips of ammo. Got a paltoon of Death Guard of Kreig from Forge World to scrub and clean up before I prime and paint them 39-50 guys. Looking for some civilian miniatures anyone got any suggestions?  Until next post, remember you paid for those miniatures so play with them how you want!

Necromunda and other things!

So gang I’ve been under the weather lately and I’m sorry for not posting. Just finished my House Goliath Gang.

So now it’s time to paint them! When putting these bad dudes together I fist thought man these are going to be a bitch. I was surprised by how easy they were to put together. Now don’t get me wrong the first two mowhawk neck face combo almost threw me. Eyes getting to old to see these small pieces. Good thing my wife bought me a magnifier clamp combo.

Had time to put these Eldar push fits together as a kill team/ strike team for my game. I do have some Dark Elder around somewhere. I think for my next purchase from good old GW will be a Warlock and a box of Eldar Rangers. Still have two boxes of 30k stuff to finish as well. That’s the joy and bane of the hobby, just when you think you have enough miniatures you find something else you just need and can’t live without.
Last but not least are my Colonial Marines from the Aliens franchise. Love the look of these guys think they will work great with my homebrewed version of Space Hulk. Besides Genestealers, I’ve got some Gaunts with bio guns already finished and a box of Genestealer Cultist that needs to be put together and painted. Think I’ll do that next with my Necron Deathmarks and my House Escher Gang hopefully by Friday of this week so me and my younger kids can play while they are out on Christmas Break. Until next time happy gaming and God bless.

Finished Forge Fathers and bought the New Necromunda

New mins!

Been under the weather for a few weeks. Finally put together my Forge Fathers and painted them. The mech I think it’s called a Ancient One was the hardest on to put together, the legs just didn’t look right in a standing pose. So I ended up with him in a kicking pose, had a old zombie min that was broken so here you go.

My main problem in my old age 😉 is adding the fine details. I usually do this after finishing a bunch of mins and maybe after a few plays. Then I notice where I need to focus touch ups and details to make them look better. I’m in now way a professional painting mins but I do try to make them look decent.                                 

The Brokkers are going to be my base for my Necromunda gangs maybe my Juves? I found old Necromunda gangs and files on it’s got all the old rules, supplements, everything you could want or need except for the new rules stats which are just old Rogue Trader rule stats. If you have a copy or can find one or a download get it! Because if you’ve been around gaming as long as I have you’ll find there’s nothing new in all of this. The game companies just rehash old rule systems and settings every decade or so, imho. So for my main gangers I’m going to use my Steel Warriors. I think that would work out just fine in my version of the game.

The big guys in the back my Forge Guards are going to be my gang leader and a champion for now, may change up later. Now my Walker is called a Iron Ancestor is going to be my walking tank in the Underhive. He will be duking it with these guys!

Now to the meat and potatoes of my blog the brand new Necromunda Underhive and the game supplement Gang Wars. I bought the box set not for the mins but for the tiles, dice and scenery, the mins are just a plus. First let’s start off with the rules. They are just fine with what Games Workshop is trying to do. That’s getting new people to play GW Games, plain and simple. I for one like the new system of alternative turns you can’t just table a person on first turn. That’s one of my biggest turnoffs in ugoigo. My other pet peeve is the rules for the Hanger ons is not in the Gang War rule book, come on GW! If you say something going to be in the book out it in the book! For some having to play with the gang cards because the roster doesn’t have a place for the stats, this is where the old copy of Rogue Trader comes in you won’t have a place for your gang rating or territories but I’m sure you can adjust. Or just make a template and do it yourself. I’ll post pictures of my house Goliath and Escher gangs, hopefully I won’t jack these guys up. Until next post Peace.