Finished Forge Fathers and bought the New Necromunda

New mins!

Been under the weather for a few weeks. Finally put together my Forge Fathers and painted them. The mech I think it’s called a Ancient One was the hardest on to put together, the legs just didn’t look right in a standing pose. So I ended up with him in a kicking pose, had a old zombie min that was broken so here you go.

My main problem in my old age 😉 is adding the fine details. I usually do this after finishing a bunch of mins and maybe after a few plays. Then I notice where I need to focus touch ups and details to make them look better. I’m in now way a professional painting mins but I do try to make them look decent.                                 

The Brokkers are going to be my base for my Necromunda gangs maybe my Juves? I found old Necromunda gangs and files on it’s got all the old rules, supplements, everything you could want or need except for the new rules stats which are just old Rogue Trader rule stats. If you have a copy or can find one or a download get it! Because if you’ve been around gaming as long as I have you’ll find there’s nothing new in all of this. The game companies just rehash old rule systems and settings every decade or so, imho. So for my main gangers I’m going to use my Steel Warriors. I think that would work out just fine in my version of the game.

The big guys in the back my Forge Guards are going to be my gang leader and a champion for now, may change up later. Now my Walker is called a Iron Ancestor is going to be my walking tank in the Underhive. He will be duking it with these guys!

Now to the meat and potatoes of my blog the brand new Necromunda Underhive and the game supplement Gang Wars. I bought the box set not for the mins but for the tiles, dice and scenery, the mins are just a plus. First let’s start off with the rules. They are just fine with what Games Workshop is trying to do. That’s getting new people to play GW Games, plain and simple. I for one like the new system of alternative turns you can’t just table a person on first turn. That’s one of my biggest turnoffs in ugoigo. My other pet peeve is the rules for the Hanger ons is not in the Gang War rule book, come on GW! If you say something going to be in the book out it in the book! For some having to play with the gang cards because the roster doesn’t have a place for the stats, this is where the old copy of Rogue Trader comes in you won’t have a place for your gang rating or territories but I’m sure you can adjust. Or just make a template and do it yourself. I’ll post pictures of my house Goliath and Escher gangs, hopefully I won’t jack these guys up. Until next post Peace.

AAR The Battle of the Phoenix System.

The First Battle of the Phoenix System.

This is my first AAR Space Battle using my mins from Ground Zero Games and Brigade Models. The rules are homebrewed using weapon rules from Babylon 5 ACTA, hull points divided by 2 from Full Thrust and the Damage tables from BFG. Me and my oldest son M.J. Aka Captain Space Chicken for reasons that shall be made clear in future AAR’s. We wanted a game we could play in 30 minutes or less. So ships without shields using plasma beam weapons, hard shell cannons and missiles was what we went for.

The battle was over a sub space nexus 54 Piscium renamed by the Fedral States of America Phoenix. Sub space is a plain or dimension just below ours. Stars are connected by gravity wells or tunnels are the fastes, safest routes of travel, weaker gravitic connections are longer and more hazardous. The F.S.A.’s rival in this sector is the European Union jealous of the trade resources and tariffs the F.S.A. Gains by owning this Sub space nexus. 54 Piscium/ Phoenix lies 14 months and four days travel coreward from the Sol system. Far enough from the meddling influence of the U.N. and it’s protective fleet that patrols the core systems. It didn’t hurt that Piscium/ Phoenix had a small colony or a lush Earthlike world named Tempe.

Recent probes into the system had scanned a moderately sized fleet of F.S.A ships 1 heavy cruiser, 3 lt. cruisers and 5 at the most little but fleet destroyers. Admiral Rau Delgado’s Task Force consisted of his flagship the heavy battle cruiser the San Megal with 2 wings of fighters. 3 light cruisers the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria and three destroyers. Delgado smiles to himself as he orders his fleet to full speed as he approaches the inner system.

The first wave of the attack was brutal the San Megail’s foreword plasma beam cannons take out two of the fast F.S.A destroyers and its side cannons sends shells slamming into the third dealing it heavy damage. The F.S.A. Heavy Cruiser Tulsa swiftly destroys the two destroyers and deals punishing blows to the Santa Maria. The Pinta causes a destroyers plasma reactors to overload taking out the two wings of fighters and damaging the San Megail, the Pinta and Already damage Santa Maria. Captain Letellier of the Santa Maria vainly attempts repairs to his beleaguered ship to no avail. He then orders his ship out of combat and into the safety of Sub space but was harassed by the remaining two destroyers who engaged and destroyed the last two E.U. Destroyers. The San Megail traded fire with the Tulsa and the light Cruiser John McCain crippling the McCain. The Omaha drives off the Nina and causes her to flee out system. Admiral Delgado finding himself out numbered lays down a hail of missiles, beams and cannon shells in a attempt to disengage from combat the Tulsa, Omaha and Brunswick quickly return fire the Brunswick’s reactor explodes making the ship a burning hulk. The explosion blinds the sensors of the F.S.A. Ships allowing the San Megail to fleet to the outer system and back to the safety of Sub space. Admiral Delgado smiles ‘ We took a thrashing but greatly damaged the Feds defense fleet in Phoenix. And unless they have ships patrolling the other systems connected to the nexus and can recall them in time. Which I doubt, the Phoenix system will soon belong to the E.U.!’

Me and now Commodore Space Chicken really liked this game it took us about fifteen minutes to play and we got in another three in that afternoon. The combat was fast and deadly and we alternated ship movements and firing. I felt u go I go was unfair in a combat game. So alternating moves can set up ships for future firing so it makes you think about your fleet movements and really makes you use tactics. Sacrifice your smaller destroyers to draw out your oppent’s ship into a firing arc of your capital ship or ships or be drawn into a trap yourself.

Later this week I’ll show what’s on the paint table. Until then cheers and happy gaming.

Mins for my Manhattan 2175 campaign.

I’m running a Necromunda/Mordheim campaign set in 2175. I’m taking my adventures from the hive city of OKC to the war waste of Manhattan! I was originally going to set this in the mega-hive city of the Texas triangle of Houston but after the horrific events of the hurricane and flooding I opted for Manhattan. First I wanted three tech groups. The first one a unscrupulous tech company behind A.I. and cloning. The next group a religious sect of cyborgs that see A.I.’s and robotics as the next step in human evolution and spirituality. And lastly the A.I.’s who are against their creators and all life. I thought theses factions would be great additions to my waste land adventures.

img_20171026_1025010331825487718.jpgimg_20171026_102401024288255334.jpgimg_20171026_1052453121162225737.jpgI’ve already got some Necrons painted up but theses are on my paint table. I completed my Skitarii and my Tech-Priest Dominus will get to the Dunecrawler later.. my Warzone Cybertronic starter box went together nicely except for the Diana Clones man I was cussing up a storm with theses! Arms to thin easily broken while assembling or it just my ham hands? I think as field agents I’m going to use my Warmachine Cryx Cephalx Overlords. Still have to assembly those guys but should be done by the next day.  I’ve got some space dwarves a Forge Father Faction Starter set.  That I should have assembled and on the paint table hopefully sometime next week. Will post abat rep of the last battle in the OKC hive and should have it posted sooner. Remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want.

Playing with what you own in any setting.

What to do with all your mins!

I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours, not some game systems or company’s. I have mins from GW, Heroscape, Heroclixs, Mantic, ect. I’ve played multiple systems and like them all but sometimes I want to play my own games with house rules, no sense in recreating the wheel. I’ve been playing a spaceship battle game using modified Babylon 5 ACTA, Full thrust and BFG. I divide the hull points by 2 from Full Thrust, added weapons from ACTA and BFG. The setting I’m using is Earth in the latter part of this century. America is now the Federal States of America more of the back story coming later. What do you think about using all of your miniatures? Right now for my Necromunda/Mordehim I’m really feeling the Bloodbound I like the vibe of killer cannibals living in a ruined city.

I’ve been using this America 2050 map to show future hive cities and the high speed rail routes that connect them. The smaller circles are where a hive fleet remains crashed into America. I’m using ‘nids from GW mostly guants and genestealers, with the queen being a hive queen from Aliens. I painted my nids black and highlighted them in metallic silver and gold with the spore mines silver with red highlights. Most people would say ‘hey you can’t paint nids like that!’ I bought them so I can paint them anyway I want. As a fan of Alien and Aliens I first had my guardsmen fighting them on a space hulk. As my game evolved I had them make it to Earth in the late 2019’s and crushed as a threat late 2025. The bug wars forced us to move into hive/mega cities for defense with a few hives still present. But unknown to us the bugs were carrying a parasite a race that was on the verge of being consumed by a hive fleet. The desperate race combined their DNA with the bugs every 1 in 50 bugs born is a reborn remnant of that race now know as the Plague   I’m using my Marro miniatures from Heroscape.

The Plague also damaged the DNA of new species the first sign are citizens turning into zombies. A good use for any zombie miniatures I have around. Then they become hybrids crossed with bug DNA and human a good use for my Genestealer Neophyte Squad.

As you can see the sky is open to what you want to do. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money fielding a large army squad base scrimmage games are the way to go. The big companies like GW and others might lose out on a bunch of money from you amassing one large army they gain from you buying a bunch of starter sets! Either way you go collecting large armies or small squads you are now hooked, the beast has sunk it gaming claws in you. I know from personal experience. My next project are these guys.