New 40K 10th Ed. And the Lion returns!

BOBBY G. Seeing how screwed the Imperium is.

So the news has finally dropped 10th Ed. Of 40k will be out by summer. People are losing their minds! Going back to indexs and free rules, for now. What I’m looking forward to his the game mechanics, has GW simplified the rules down to a One Page Rules format? Alternative activations? Guess we’ll all have to wait and see.

New Termagant stats.

If we look at the Termagants stat the most important part to me is the weapon stats a base BS score of 4 to hit, easy enough to understand. Melee is a base 4 also, no tricks no gotchas, straight up. Can’t wait to see a preview of the rules soon.

The Lion returns!

And last the Lion returns. What will this spell for the lore? will G man rule the Imperium and the Lion be over Imperium Nihilus, like a divided Roman Empire? Can’t wait to see what develops and why has the Lion aged? Bad stasis or has he been out and about longer than we know?

Comment on your speculations and wishes for the new rules and lore. And until next time remember folks they’re your miniatures play with them how you want to!


Author: darkwulf1970

Author and gamer both table top and video. I believe that the miniatures you bought are yours to play with any system you want, bought or homebrewed.

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